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Question: Do you plan on hiring more developers? I'd love to get involved :)
Asked by Francesco (137.220.120.x) on May 2 2022, 11:39am
Reply on May 2 2022, 1:24pm:
    Not really, sorry!
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Question: favorite Radiohead album ?
Asked by JustAsking (178.249.214.x) on May 1 2022, 10:23pm
Reply on May 1 2022, 10:32pm (edited at May 1 2022, 10:35pm):
    Oh man they're all so good, don't make me choose. :) If Kid A + Amnesiac were a double-album maybe I'd pick that. But also The Bends is just fantastic. And OK Computer. And In Rainbows.
Question: what is the reason not all apsects of reaper interface can be changed in a theme ? such as FX window..
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.0.x) on May 1 2022, 11:41am
Reply on May 1 2022, 8:53pm:
    You have to ask yourself: "Is this good for the company?"
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Question: at this point are you done with learning, i mean watching courses on programming or whatever? are u like 95% doing and 5% learning? or? i know it can get tired watching courses and stuff i've been watching on music tons and i started cutting down on it,thanks!
Asked by peep (178.175.135.x) on April 29 2022, 7:52pm
Reply on April 29 2022, 7:55pm:
    Never done with learning, but maybe done with unprompted learning (meaning: learn something when necessary to achieve some other goal)
Question: Is it possible that one still like to make music but lose interest in listeing to music?
Asked by Cornelia (117.99.171.x) on April 28 2022, 3:59pm
Reply on April 28 2022, 4:22pm:
    Hasn't happened to me but seems possible, as long as you're interested in listening to what you're making?
Question: Hey Justin, I'm a long time fan of all your work. I'm starting my new business and thought about naming it Cockos too but it would be limited to poland. Would you have any objections? thx
Asked by Lukasz (178.235.181.x) on April 28 2022, 10:42am
Reply on April 28 2022, 12:05pm:
    Hah please don't it's a terrible name and that would only be confusing!
Question: What do you think, banger? youtube.com/watch?v=AuBeChK0ots
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on April 26 2022, 8:17pm
Reply on April 26 2022, 9:26pm:
    this is more my speed
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Question: Hey Justin, I asked a while ago about Luasockets here.... forums.cockos.com/showthread.php?t...
Asked by Daniel Lumertz (186.210.25.x) on April 26 2022, 2:15am
Reply on April 26 2022, 1:00pm:
    This isn't really the right venue for this, sorry (discuss on the forum).
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Question: Hi again Justin, link below was fixed - it was set to 'private' by default - try again :)
Asked by Lorin (24.212.136.x) on April 25 2022, 4:10pm
Reply on April 25 2022, 6:09pm:
    Haha nice one
Question: How difficult would it be to add some kind of API-support via a cpp-extension for JSFX/VideoProcessor? Would this be feasible in any way?
Asked by Mespotine (185.224.57.x) on April 25 2022, 10:14am
Reply on April 25 2022, 6:10pm:
    It might not be that difficult but the nice thing about jsfx and video processors now is that they just work, and it'd also lock us in more. I do want to add GPU support for video processors at some point. Been preparing for that...
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Question: Would you be interested in providing some wisdom re: audio playback / encoding / DSP? I'm working on a machine learning based encoding system with a friend to potentially replace MP3s etc and even though I think we are onto something, give a listen to soundcloud.com/lorin-725628480/aum...which is about 2 weeks of progress - contact details in the track description
Asked by Lorin (24.212.136.x) on April 25 2022, 2:19am
Reply on April 25 2022, 2:22am:
    Not sure how much wisdom I have, but that link was dead
Question: Do you have any other websites?
Asked by Jesse (173.63.46.x) on April 24 2022, 9:52pm
Reply on April 25 2022, 2:19am:
    Maybe a few scattered around, most are in the nav at the top though, the others are probably novelties...
Question: I have c++ extension in progress such as an interactive envelope based de-esser that mark possibe bad sibilants sounds on items.And some more productions tools that draws elements on arrange window. But on windows build appear hard flickering. After reading some cockos forusm threads, I realized that this cannot be fixed in a regular way. I understand that not quite legal but. Can I find arrange lice bitmap/bitmaps variables and draw directly to it? Or it so hacky/tricky/dangerous way?
Asked by Kevin (77.111.246.x) on April 24 2022, 2:52pm
Reply on April 25 2022, 2:19am:
    Hmm I'll look at exposing this via an API
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Question: What's a good purchase above 200usd, whatever that is, keeping it broad
Asked by Rio di (213.133.91.x) on April 24 2022, 2:29pm
Reply on April 25 2022, 2:21am:
Question: do you think surround will become more important than stereo for the home listening user at some point? and an estimate if possible of when and based on which conditions and how
Asked by PieEmcSquare (45.128.37.x) on April 24 2022, 11:36am
Reply on April 24 2022, 1:42pm:
    Seems like it'll remain niche
Question: Do you think computer generated singing voice is somewhat decent considering this youtube.com/watch?v=pIPCMXSfN6s
Asked by Sing (45.128.37.x) on April 21 2022, 8:52pm
Reply on April 22 2022, 7:35pm:
    That's pretty cool!
Question: Can I use multiple functions for my variable? Like say string.length (for calculating length of your string). Can I use string.length.square.factorial() (I know it looks funny, haha), imagine I want factorial of square of length of my string? Are these types of multiple functions thing possible in programming languages? Because I am already doing this in Python, like string.length, but not sure about multiple things
Asked by Abhi (106.212.152.x) on April 21 2022, 4:14pm
Reply on April 22 2022, 7:35pm:
    You could make them complex with methods to do stuff like that, but why would you?
Question: I'm curious what you think of other brands mining nostalgia like Limewire, Radioshack and Blockbuster in addition to Winamp? What are the risks of these companies using brandnames people recognize as a shortcut instead of building an actual, earned reputation?
Asked by Ornella (134.56.158.x) on April 21 2022, 3:20pm
Reply on April 22 2022, 7:35pm:
    Thumbs down!
Question: For each continent choose a country to live : Africa, Europe, Asia, south America , north America , Australia/Oceania
Asked by Yoda (189.112.46.x) on April 21 2022, 12:46am
Reply on April 22 2022, 7:35pm:
    I haven't been to enough places to answer this with any kind of confidence! Also the location within the country would probably be as important as the country to begin with. So, with such little data available, I'll answer based on the food I've had in the style of the country or whatnot, because I like eating and that's more interesting than "I have no idea":
    • Africa: I mean who doesn't like injera and greens and spiciness? I'll go Ethiopia
    • Europe: mmm tough choices here, I'll go the UK assuming I can end up in Cornwall and have pasties there to my heart's content.
    • Asia: India or Pakistan. Naan roti saag and kofta mmmm
    • South America: hmm whose empanadas do I like best? I dunno. I'll go with Argentina (also I hear they have good meat). Sorry for my ignorance here!
    • North America: Mexico.
    • Oceania: I really like this NZ-based coffeehouse I've been into in London (Allpress), so I'll go NZ.
    Sorry these aren't well-reasoned answers, but/and now I'm hungry.
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Question: what is your favorite joke?
Asked by bobbert (136.24.116.x) on April 19 2022, 8:03am
Reply on April 19 2022, 2:41pm:
    what's brown and sticky?
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