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Question: hi Justin, do you plan to make lasso mode in Editing the clip spectrum?
Asked by Michael (176.59.42.x) on June 13 2022, 6:08pm
Reply on June 13 2022, 6:13pm:
    a mouse modifier for creating new spectral edits? that would be nice.
Question: ds more or less1) How much should existing software affect your decision on making something that yiel the same result, but takes a different route to get there? 2) Related - what are your opinions on 'reinventing the wheel'; when does it become a big waste of time? Thanks, hope you had/are having a good weekend :)
Asked by Jack (91.90.44.x) on June 12 2022, 12:58pm
Reply on June 12 2022, 5:41pm:
    Reinventing the wheel is only reinventing the wheel if the thing in question is as perfect and simple as the wheel, which very few things are. Using existing software is good if it meets the needs, but if the downside to using it outweighs the upside, then make something else.
Question: Any interest is going to HOPE conference this Summer? hope.net/talks.html
Asked by Jesse (173.63.46.x) on June 12 2022, 1:40am
Reply on June 12 2022, 5:39pm:
    I'm not much of a fan of conferences
Question: If I sent you a mail to your @cockos.com address asking for allowance to redistribute your reaper Linux build on Arch Linux in the official repositories, would you say yes?
Asked by David Runge (85.212.85.x) on June 11 2022, 8:55am
Reply on June 11 2022, 12:36pm:
    As long as the binaries are unmodified and it is distributed in its entirety we're cool with that (and the EULA permits it).
Question: if i have one audio track with one plugin in reaper and i duplicate that track 4 times. does that use exactly 4x the amount of CPU power or is there some discount once the plugin is loaded from the first instance ? also could this change depending on each individual plugin being different ?
Asked by EcBaPr (159.196.170.x) on June 10 2022, 9:28am
Reply on June 10 2022, 3:24pm:
    In general it would use 4x the CPU, but that should be easily parallelizable across cores.
Question: What is the viability of using a GPU for plugin processing? Could it be similar to using a dedicated DSP unit?
Asked by Someone (45.149.173.x) on June 9 2022, 10:52pm
Reply on June 10 2022, 3:21am (edited at June 10 2022, 3:22am):
    Latency to/from the GPU isn't ideal, so you'd need a ton of cooperation of both hosts and plug-ins to make it work, but it's sort of moot because CPUs have plenty of power.
Question: Are you going to build & releas the WATCH server ?
Asked by JustAsking (172.83.40.x) on June 9 2022, 7:30pm
Reply on June 9 2022, 8:00pm:
    Haven't built up the creative energy to do that just yet
Question: Just discovered REAPER video editing. Saving me a bunch of headaches. Really cool and highly recommend people try it.
Asked by James (82.69.2.x) on June 9 2022, 1:14pm
Reply on June 9 2022, 8:00pm:
    aww yeah I use it all the time too
Question: Guitar Rig is a nice, cool VSTi. Do you use it? Or any similar thing to it? It can give you lots of guitars sounds, just with single acoustic guitar.
Asked by Abhi (182.68.105.x) on June 7 2022, 12:05pm
Reply on June 7 2022, 4:06pm:
    Occasionally but I really love my pedalboard + amp combination... which is currently:
    (usually Fernandes Monterey guitar) -> Strymon Sunset -> Mini POG -> Foxpedal The Wave -> Reuss Plasmatron -> Earthquaker The Depths -> ZT Lunchbox w/ a decent cab
Question: If the narrator of this dimension made you open a small restaurant and work there cooking, what would you serve?
Asked by Aloha! (201.48.183.x) on June 7 2022, 4:24am
Reply on June 7 2022, 4:03pm:
    All kheer all the time
Question: Do you like writing PHP?
Asked by Jesse (173.63.46.x) on June 6 2022, 11:42pm
Reply on June 7 2022, 1:19am:
    For dealing with string processing, definitely!
Question: Do you like iguanas? Can my iguana be a mascot for one of your software projects?
Asked by Louis (172.58.224.x) on June 6 2022, 9:33am
Reply on June 6 2022, 2:15pm:
    Nah, I'd probably go goat
Question: whats a good reason to write music?
Asked by EMmm (178.175.135.x) on June 5 2022, 7:43pm
Reply on June 6 2022, 12:57am:
    Because you feel it!
Question: Congratulations to you and all other New Yorkers to having a codified right to repair! Have you celebrated by waving your soldering iron?
Asked by SpoiledHobo (77.180.77.x) on June 5 2022, 3:27pm
Reply on June 6 2022, 12:57am:
    We'll see how it goes heh but I'm definitely in favor of it in theory!
Question: In a previous answer, you said "I've wasted my share of money in the process of learning what's important to me". Do the important things in life cost money?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on June 4 2022, 6:11pm
Reply on June 6 2022, 12:56am:
    Not all important things cost money, but many do. And not everything that costs money is important.
Question: Ummm, idk I can ask it here or not... but.... let say, I draw or record a major chord (C major, C_E_G, for example). But then I immediately want to make it as a C minor chord, C_Eb_G, without editing it or recording it. Is there any way to do this automatically (converting a major chord into minor or vice versa) with a keyboard shortcut or somewhere hidden in REAPER's deep menu?
Asked by Abhi (122.177.5.x) on June 4 2022, 4:11pm
Reply on June 6 2022, 12:55am:
    Not off the top of my head
Question: How naive would it be to leverage win32 to form the 'layout/main windows' of a program and then handle all sub windows/buttons/whatever separately, packing each ui element to some form of bitmap and then blitting that to the 'parent' win32 window? Thanks :)
Asked by Jack (193.138.218.x) on June 3 2022, 10:30pm
Reply on June 4 2022, 12:49am:
    That's essentially what we do (though we have separate child windows as containers for groups of things, then we have WDL_VWnd for building UIs etc).
Question: Have you had paranormal ghost experience? (thanks Yovche for the suggestion)
Asked by Abhi (122.176.3.x) on June 3 2022, 4:54pm
Reply on June 3 2022, 6:17pm:
    hah also no
Question: Will the unlimited trial version always exist?
Asked by Reaper (78.162.3.x) on June 3 2022, 11:34am
Reply on June 3 2022, 1:51pm:
    There's no unlimited trial version, only a 60 day trial.
Question: Hey Justin, big fan. What are your thoughts on immediate mode gui and their application in apps like DAWs?
Asked by Jack (141.98.255.x) on June 3 2022, 4:30am
Reply on June 3 2022, 1:51pm:
    They are fun to program but not necessarily the most efficient!
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