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Question: Do you know about BlockPy? It's Python language but having both visual (blocks) and text. Do you like to have same for C++? think.cs.vt.edu/blockpy/blockpy/load
Asked by Abhi (182.68.132.x) on December 31 2022, 3:57pm
Reply on December 31 2022, 5:50pm:
    I haven't seen that, interesting...
Question: Hi! We talked last year on my channel! First of all, would love to do it again, but also, is it okay if I cut that video into some shorter vids and release? :)
Asked by IDDQDSound (50.68.208.x) on December 31 2022, 8:53am
Reply on December 31 2022, 5:50pm:
    sure I guess as long as it's not terribly out of context?
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Question: Is Aaron Carey a creator of Reaper? youtube.com/watch?v=-_TcoUQIKnQ
Asked by Anon (82.132.213.x) on December 31 2022, 3:43am
Reply on December 31 2022, 5:49pm (edited at December 31 2022, 5:50pm):
    He was an early adopter and as a user had a lot of influence over us for a while, but I don't think it would be accurate to call him a creator of REAPER.
Question: do you know andrew wk? youtube.com/watch?v=TThqQiNNMAM youtube.com/watch?v=hBwvuSQ6l6o youtube.com/watch?v=0ZyhB1-Yb4U youtube.com/watch?v=YmhdvtCTfJI
Asked by Erieo (84.247.48.x) on December 30 2022, 1:27am
Reply on December 31 2022, 5:49pm:
    I don't, haven't had a chance to watch these yet but one of these days...
Question: In some programming languages, like C#, Python etc. We can't directly take int/float as input from user. Instead, we take string from user as input, and typecast that input into integer or float. Why can't we directly take int/float as input from user?
Asked by error at 0x123456789 (223.190.14.x) on December 29 2022, 2:26pm
Reply on December 29 2022, 5:04pm:
    I suppose that's a decision made by the developers of the language! I mean, in theory you could take raw bytes from the user and interpret them as IEEE-754 floating point, too? I guess the default mode of inputting anything is a string, and then converting that using the cast (which implies parsing the bytes as a floating point string...) makes a certain amount of sense?
Question: How about a black theme for this website? It's night and dark here, and the white background is bright for my eyes, haha. Maybe you just have to invert the colors?
Asked by Abhi (117.234.233.x) on December 27 2022, 7:33pm
Reply on December 28 2022, 10:20pm:
    Or maybe a more bland theme
Question: Hey. Big JGR fan from the late 90s. Think I could get the playlist? I’d love to share w/friends!
Asked by Len H. (187.61.180.x) on December 23 2022, 11:06pm
Reply on December 23 2022, 11:27pm:
    Hah, I don't have it (and forgot that it existed!), doh.
Question: Do you ever use MPE in your music making?
Asked by Dbone (24.224.176.x) on December 23 2022, 3:37pm
Reply on December 23 2022, 10:58pm:
    Not sure what that is so probably not
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Question: I am pretty sure you use mind maps for REAPER development purpose. Do you use any software for that? If yes, which one?
Asked by Don't mind it (162.210.194.x) on December 23 2022, 11:54am
Reply on December 23 2022, 10:58pm:
    What are mind maps?
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Question: I have a suggestion. There is no home page link in this website. Maybe make that "Ask Justin Frankel" at the top as hyperlink to "www.askjf.com"? This way, suppose we quickly want to go to the main page, we can click right above there?
Asked by Abhi (182.68.197.x) on December 23 2022, 11:53am
Reply on December 23 2022, 10:59pm:
    Good call, done, thanks!
Question: ListView redraws itself when it's offscreen during a move operation making the window a little bit sluggish. In the past I have solved the issue tracking WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN, involving an ugly hack. What would be a better approach? Thanks
Asked by Gio (94.70.29.x) on December 22 2022, 11:46pm
Reply on December 23 2022, 10:59pm:
    Hmm send me an email maybe with more explanation
Question: Hm, with reaper extesions you think is possible to manipule the playback position per sample? Like would be feasible make a custom looper that is sample perfect?
Asked by Aloha! (186.210.28.x) on December 22 2022, 5:16pm
Reply on December 22 2022, 5:52pm:
    It depends
Question: RE: askjf.com/index.php?q=3235swhat's the verdict after 7.5 years?
Asked by Ian the The (165.225.94.x) on December 22 2022, 12:54pm
Reply on December 22 2022, 5:53pm:
Question: Can you clone yourself and work full-time on a new score notation software?
Asked by Itmo (89.82.152.x) on December 21 2022, 11:06pm
Reply on December 22 2022, 5:53pm:
    If I did how would I compel my clone to do that? Who's to say the clone wouldn't compel me to do that?
Question: hiya- justin,in our "limited" perception..could #you conceive the notion,the possibilty, of our sense of time having an equal and opposite parallel existence? ..considering all matter to be toroidal energy...basically a full reverse dimension/existence/experience perhaps?
Asked by 2022 (2.25.95.x) on December 20 2022, 9:26pm
Reply on December 21 2022, 2:41pm:
    Anything's possible, but if it's impossible to perceive does it mean anything?
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Question: Question for Kenny G. Why there are rotating skeletons in the last of his videos? XD
Asked by KEN!!! (110.227.178.x) on December 20 2022, 3:24pm
Reply on December 21 2022, 2:41pm:
    Maybe he will comment below?
Question: Is it possible at all to aggregate multiple audio devices in Windows on ASIO, not WDM? Could Reaper do it although system does not support it?
Asked by greg (89.233.113.x) on December 18 2022, 10:03pm
Reply on December 18 2022, 10:19pm (edited at December 18 2022, 10:20pm):
    REAPER could probably do it, but the performance would likely be lousy as we'd have to synchronize threads for each device (since ASIO involves each driver creating its own processing thread).
Question: How is the state of things with REAPER and Intel CPUs gen. 12/13 regarding the efficiency cores? Remembering your blog post you had to do some tweaking in the REAPER code for the M1 efficiency cores.
Asked by wasereb4 (87.167.91.x) on December 18 2022, 8:14pm
Reply on December 18 2022, 9:32pm:
    I haven't looked at it on Windows, a lot of it will depend on how the OS schedules things; a lot of the issues on the M1 was due to the way that Apple exposed the thread scheduling to applications. On Windows it might be a non-issue.
Question: If you could just copy and paste the whole REAPER source code to a GPT AI chat bot (maybe the upgraded version 3 years from now) and just tell it: add this, do this here, it should be like this, giving priority on that and so on then it spits out exactly that and it works perfectly as expected.. would you do it? Or you just enjoy coding, or maybe a little of both? Like letting it help you on your journey?
Asked by NotAnAI(winkwink) (187.213.94.x) on December 18 2022, 6:56pm
Reply on December 18 2022, 8:08pm:
    I definitely enjoy the process but I also enjoy making my life easier. I wouldn't be opposed to it, assuming the bot could do it with 100% correctness, but verifying that would be easier said than done?
Question: When you are thirsty, like you came from outside, or came back home from running, what do you drink first? Water or coffee? :P
Asked by Abhi (223.190.9.x) on December 18 2022, 5:48pm
Reply on December 18 2022, 8:13pm:
    Water for sure. I like coffee but it's not a thirst quencher
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