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Question: Have you Seen this? facebook.com/ComputerLoveRecords/p...it is glorious...
Asked by JonathanT (82.13.54.x) on April 3 2023, 3:14pm
Reply on April 3 2023, 7:12pm:
    You're two posts too late
Question: Is there a secret to learning programming? Does it really count as 'cheating' if most of your code is googled at the very moment and you forget how all of it works the second you log off?
Asked by Mohin (86.138.128.x) on April 3 2023, 2:47pm
Reply on April 3 2023, 7:11pm:
    If you can understand it when you read it back, then it's legit
Question: Would you ever consider helping build a physical Winamp player like this? Would make a great stereo deck. old.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/129...
Asked by Alex (146.71.8.x) on April 3 2023, 8:11am
Reply on April 3 2023, 2:42pm:
    Hah no way! Silliness
Question: Any tips for a programmer who loves building but doesn’t know what to do anymore ? Idk if it’s burnout.
Asked by Advani (49.207.51.x) on April 2 2023, 10:06pm
Reply on April 2 2023, 10:12pm:
    Let it come back naturally, go outside and enjoy non-programming! :)
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Question: Can create a merch page please?
Asked by John D (98.97.56.x) on April 2 2023, 8:54pm
Reply on April 2 2023, 9:13pm:
    Wouldn't that time be better spent by us programming and fixing things and helping users via support? :) It would be nice, but it's just too big of a time commitment, sorry!
Question: My favorite feature of Winamp (besides the great performance on low-end hardware, and the llama-related functionality) was the single-key keyboard shortcuts (zxcvsr and especially 'j'). What gave you the idea for such shortcuts and why do you think few other applications copy that feature?
Asked by Daniel (73.118.204.x) on April 2 2023, 8:01pm
Reply on April 2 2023, 9:13pm:
    Now I can't remember was it J or Ctrl+J? (REAPER's is Ctrl+J...). Umm it just made sense for how I used it at the time...
Question: hey jf- to quote 1 i very much connect with (dr.bruce lipton) ..."the function of the mind is to take the program and make it a reality ! " ... seeming as the good doctor makes connections with human biological computer systems...#could you say.. REAPER IS ALIVE? in a human sense of being... =)
Asked by 2023 (2.26.163.x) on April 2 2023, 7:30pm
Reply on April 2 2023, 9:12pm:
    Hmm I don't think it has a stream of consciousness so...
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Question: Are parts in Reaper programmed with functional programming paradigma?
Asked by Chris (77.64.160.x) on April 2 2023, 4:30pm
Reply on April 2 2023, 9:11pm:
    It's definitely helpful to have functions with no side effects, for sure! The parts that are that way are the ones that are the least frustrating to work on.
Question: 1. You're such an inspiration. 2. This must be a very niche request as I've found no one else online doing this, but any pointers as to how I might write my ReaScripts in Fennel instead of Lua? If you're not familiar, it's an absolutely fascinating programming language that sorta allows you write Clojure/Lisp in lua environments.
Asked by rytrmn (199.231.241.x) on April 1 2023, 11:22pm
Reply on April 2 2023, 9:10pm:
    I haven't looked at Fennel but I will look into it. In general though I'd say stick with the stock Lua or EEL2 it will be less fuss.
Question: Hey Justin, how much do you know about DSP and the math behind it? How did you learn all that? Any recommendations on the courses or books? What fields of match are requirements in your opinion to be able to code dsp like JSFX or VST?
Asked by nikolalkc (159.153.150.x) on March 31 2023, 11:17am
Reply on April 2 2023, 9:10pm:
    Some but still learning as I go along :) The engineer's guide to DSP is good, iirc.
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Question: "add action to maximize height of selected items in free item positioning mode": you are my saviour. Why did you add it, it doesn't look like someone requested it. Do you use it? Personally I like the free pos mode to stack a lot of vocals (for example) together without having to manage lots of tracks.
Asked by a longer name (31.37.8.x) on March 30 2023, 4:58pm
Reply on April 2 2023, 9:09pm:
    This was for Glennbo, I think
Question: hey jf! #imaginary tales....so you just got elected as the global prime minister (~no illuminated symbols etcetc).... would you have a top 5 list of = "we,as loving human beings, need to implement this blahblahblah >straight away,for the benefit of all..etcetc" manifestos?
Asked by 2023 (2.26.163.x) on March 29 2023, 5:53pm
Reply on March 29 2023, 10:41pm:
    I guess it depends on how much power I really had, what the risk of coup was, and whatnot. But perhaps my first goals would be to reduce inequality (bring more people out of poverty) and to improve resource management, especially in the contexts where it's easier to just not do something than to have to undo it later.
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Question: How does the noise shaping in Reaper work?
Asked by datajake1999 (172.115.154.x) on March 28 2023, 4:44am
Reply on March 29 2023, 10:42pm:
    Maybe schwa can respond in the comments... :)
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Question: At some moment in your life sports/physical activities weren't present?
Asked by Omori (186.210.89.x) on March 27 2023, 10:08pm
Reply on March 28 2023, 3:55am:
    Yeah I more or less wasted my 20s without enough outdoors stuff boo but mostly making up for it now
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Question: Cain I export a struct from dll which stores data variables? Is ABI same for different compilers?
Asked by ruchira (103.253.24.x) on March 27 2023, 11:28am
Reply on March 27 2023, 4:00pm (edited at March 27 2023, 8:09pm):
    There are different member padding behaviors that may need to be customized via pragmas or compile-time options.
Question: Any trick to learn alphabets in reverse order? 😅
Asked by Abhi (122.181.88.x) on March 26 2023, 9:34am
Reply on March 27 2023, 4:00pm:
    No idea hah
Question: hi, just dropping by to tell you rock
Asked by a literal fan (190.101.249.x) on March 25 2023, 7:08pm
Reply on March 27 2023, 4:00pm:
    aww thanks
Question: hey jf- desert island disks...if you was cast away on any island with a choice of just 5 longplays (choice of player devices) ...which might they be? (including any your own!)
Asked by 2023 (2.26.163.x) on March 24 2023, 3:59pm
Reply on March 24 2023, 5:54pm (edited at March 25 2023, 2:44am):
    Too difficult to choose 5! In no particular order:
    • Verve - A Storm in Heaven (and Urban Hymns too)
    • Soundgarden - Superunknown
    • Mogwai - Come on Die Young (and My Father My King)
    • Mazzy Star - Among my Swan
    • Radiohead - In Rainbows (and The Bends)
    • TV on the Radio - Young Liars EP
    • Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
    • Led Zeppelin - II
    • Portishead - Portishead
    • Pearl Jam - Ten
    • edit: also Midlake - The Courage of Others
    • edit: I would also be really sad without Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump too
    • and a hundred others bleh
    At that point I probably would survive
Question: For programming and for other stuff, do you prefer flat or raised keyboards?
Asked by Chris (77.64.160.x) on March 24 2023, 11:54am
Reply on March 24 2023, 1:40pm:
    My favorite, which I'm typing on now, is a Microsoft Natural Keyboard (non-elite), ca. 1999. PS2 (via USB-PS2 adapter), I have two of these. Maybe some of my oldest possessions.
Question: Do you know of anyone who has released a short film completely edited in Reaper?
Asked by Jordan (70.241.244.x) on March 22 2023, 7:22pm
Reply on March 23 2023, 2:50am:
    I'm not aware of any that I can recall but then I wouldn't be anyway
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