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Question: What has been your own keys to success in a long marriage?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on April 20 2023, 7:45pm
Reply on April 23 2023, 2:59am:
    Choice of partner, not having kids, having stunning good looks.
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Question: Any plan/desire to run the original marathon before the feet wear down?
Asked by Gio (94.65.152.x) on April 20 2023, 10:49am
Reply on April 20 2023, 3:51pm:
    No plan, read about that route in a book once, sounded cool but not sure if I'll get there. Running on roads is getting less and less appealing ;)
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Question: Which shoes you use ? The same for running/casual walking?
Asked by Shue (186.210.93.x) on April 20 2023, 3:46am
Reply on April 20 2023, 3:50pm:
    Depends on the context, but for running I go between some Hoka One One Torrent 2s and some (no longer made, boo) New Balance Minimus MT10, and Xero Mesa Trail. I'll wear the Torrents around for walking, though if it's colder out or rainy and I'm walking then I'll wear some Keen Siskiyou (which are relatively waterproof). Also various sandals and/or birkenstocks in the summer.
Question: hey jf #multi question..heh...erm..what type of home you live in or at??? big,small? how do you furnish? simple,plain? colours? who cooks,cleans? open spaced , closed? rounded, cubed? ..rented? lease? paid4? ..cheap? expensive? +would you swap with the neigbours?? =)
Asked by 2023 (91.110.225.x) on April 19 2023, 12:58pm
Reply on April 19 2023, 3:00pm:
    An apartment, pretty good sized! Furnishings I mostly leave up to Allison. She does most of the cooking and I do most of the dishes, aside from when my wrist is broken which has shifted the balance a bit for a while. At the moment we don't have many doors (it's a big open space), though that will be changing soon.
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Question: what made you go outside more, exercise more, compared to your 20's? (got this info from an earlier question, not paparazzis)
Asked by Saul Goodman (189.112.72.x) on April 19 2023, 5:16am
Reply on April 19 2023, 2:58pm:
    Being in NYC and embracing not having a car was a good start, and starting bicycling helped! I had I injured myself a few times as a teenager in such a way that I thought I couldn't do things like run, took some encouragement from a mentor to get myslef running, and once I started running and everything more-or-less worked, it went from there.
Question: Where's the place to ask the REAPER devs (and actually get an answer) what their thoughts are about REAPER getting a MIDI clip launcher for live performance ike Bitwig or Ableton have because that's the only thing REAPER lacks in kind of live performance and composition, so it would be a very important feature and not something to be thrown under the rock and roll bus?
Asked by shorty (84.178.43.x) on April 17 2023, 9:22am
Reply on April 17 2023, 3:33pm (edited at April 17 2023, 3:34pm):
    Not here but check out playtime2. As far as asking things like that -- you can ask on the forum, but a lack of an answer there is usually an answer in itself.
Question: hey jf- am feeling a temporary solution to balance of finacial resources-- cap individual/ private earnings @ no greater than 10mill... coporations / businesses capped @100 mill... all currency overflows go back into national community funds (shared equally) what you think about this proposal? feasible? WHO needs more?
Asked by 2023 (2.26.163.x) on April 14 2023, 8:04pm
Reply on April 14 2023, 8:49pm:
    I think that progressive taxes more effective and reasonable than hard caps, a hard cap creates strange incentive structures whereas a 90% maximum tax rate at least still can motivate. And it would be imperative to close tons of loopholes. And you need to have the ability for companies to manage money for big investments. But I agree in principle! The implementation is not easy.
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Question: Favorite breakfast ?
Asked by heya (186.210.28.x) on April 14 2023, 7:09am
Reply on April 14 2023, 4:11pm:
    Yogurt and granola I have the most, but I do like french toast a lot.
Question: How are we supposed to believe pictures and stories (especially regarding news articles) in times of Midjourney 5 and GPT 4?
Asked by Albi (77.8.81.x) on April 14 2023, 6:39am
Reply on April 14 2023, 4:11pm:
    All about trusting the source, I guess?
Question: Could you give a pointer what to look for in order to fetch from reaper-screensets.ini IDs of FX windows currently stored in a screenset and visible? Is this data accessible without too much decoding?
Asked by Buy One (95.135.211.x) on April 12 2023, 8:12pm
Reply on April 14 2023, 4:16pm:
    poslistX_id is fx#{guid-string} etc. postlistX_data has a hex-encoded string best read with GetPrivateProfileStruct() (the lat byte is a checksum). First 4 bytes is a LE integer flags, 1 set means "visible", 2 set means docked. Second byte is docker ID if nonzero. Next 16 bytes are LE integers of window coordinates (left/top/right/bottom).
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Question: hey jf- did you ever get 1 of those acorn bbc micro back in the day?
Asked by 2023 (2.26.163.x) on April 10 2023, 3:36pm
Reply on April 11 2023, 1:48pm:
    Nope only ever really played on 8-bit ataris and to a lesser extent (school and library) Apple II.
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Question: What do you think about religion?
Asked by wasereb4 (87.167.80.x) on April 10 2023, 2:49pm
Reply on April 11 2023, 1:48pm:
    The jury's still out but we're all influenced to various degrees by stories
Question: Me again :) After a decade asking another trash question. Is the world getting worse or am i blind?
Asked by tayfun (85.100.114.x) on April 8 2023, 1:21pm
Reply on April 9 2023, 10:04pm:
    There are no doubt ups and downs, but I think the trend is that it's getting better, probably, but of course there's more and more visibility of the bad things.
Question: Got a new album out, could you listen to it and tell me what u think ? youtu.be/w8l68KpsIVw
Asked by Asterger (151.252.195.x) on April 7 2023, 5:43pm
Reply on April 7 2023, 9:20pm:
    I skipped around a bit, not really my cup of tea but then again most albums aren't... :)
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Question: Have you ever watched the series "Silicon Valley"? If so, did you like it? Or did it make you anxious because it was so plausible? :)
Asked by Thonex (98.149.146.x) on April 7 2023, 12:22am
Reply on April 7 2023, 12:42am:
    I liked it a lot! Really funny. Absurd to the extreme but obviously lots of truth in there too.
Question: How did you fracture your wrist?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on April 6 2023, 11:03pm
Reply on April 6 2023, 11:46pm:
    Embarrassingly boring — set out on a run with the first stop taking a bag of compost to the bin in the park, crossing a cobblestone street, wasn’t paying attention and tripped. Totally avoidable and stupid.
Question: I want some interesting cs project ideas which includes python,Html, CSS,AI ,ML ..and it should not too basic or too advanced... because I lack in some skills..so it should be kinda innovative also..I've searched all topics but they are already selected by our mates so can u suggest something kinda like less known???
Asked by Wasifa (49.204.30.x) on April 6 2023, 2:18pm
Reply on April 6 2023, 11:50pm:
    Hell if I know. A social network where you upload geolocated and timestamped images, and also gpx files, and it matches you by space and time (also you could see pictures you might be in)
Question: Justin, thank you for fixed item lanes!!! Not that it is necessarily your goal, but the release will surely be a reason people check out the software and bring new people to it
Asked by Jonah (172.251.230.x) on April 6 2023, 4:41am
Reply on April 6 2023, 11:50pm:
    cc schwa
Question: hey jf- u play many instruments.. #BUT!... are u playing many drawing instruments lately..such as compass ...? (i play a mean eraser!)
Asked by 2023 (2.26.163.x) on April 5 2023, 2:33pm
Reply on April 5 2023, 11:34pm:
    With my fractured wrist I get to have very little fun lately... but still playing drums one-handed
Question: I thought this was you youtu.be/1Vxxn_YnLQ4
Asked by ruchira (103.253.24.x) on April 5 2023, 5:38am
Reply on April 5 2023, 2:16pm:
    ah nice, love Moon Safari, never saw this video
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