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Question: Is there a "God Object" in the REAPER code?
Asked by Edward (98.252.188.x) on May 6 2023, 1:15pm
Reply on May 9 2023, 10:25pm:
    No but there are a lot of global variables that represent the UI state. Increasingly these end up moved into ReaProject, eventually they all will and we'll allow multiple arrange views etc.
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Question: What was the most alluring airport you have been into?
Asked by Brian Eno (186.210.89.x) on May 6 2023, 8:09am
Reply on May 9 2023, 10:24pm:
    Aspen Colorado was small and had a ton of dogs.
Question: Which programming language do you think is good to a beginner that naver programmed anything?
Asked by Artur (187.19.173.x) on May 3 2023, 8:52pm
Reply on May 4 2023, 1:02am:
    It's hard to beat the flexibility and accessibility of JavaScript... but for me it was BASIC on an Atari 800XL, you could go play with an emulator or something?
Question: Are there plans to allow GPU video rendering in Reaper? It is doable in the ffmpeg, but the commands don't work with Reaper.
Asked by Artur (187.19.173.x) on May 3 2023, 3:04pm
Reply on May 4 2023, 1:03am:
    There are plans for the video processors, though on the encoder side ideally if you're using WMF or AVFoundation it should already be GPU-accelerated by the underlying framework. Not sure what it would take to get ffmpeg to use it.
Question: Whats your favorite Reaper release? I have a soft spot for 6.37
Asked by pedra (77.245.45.x) on May 3 2023, 11:23am
Reply on May 3 2023, 1:22pm:
    it's always current or current + a few dev branches for me :)
Question: How was coding in the 90s compared to now? How did you find information/help about coding then?
Asked by Swede (90.143.249.x) on May 1 2023, 6:01am
Reply on May 1 2023, 5:03pm:
    access to documentation and discussion is sooooooooooooooooooooo much better now. I remember always going to bookstores to look for books that would be helpful.
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Question: hey jf- what is your spontaneous action over planned events ratio like these days?
Asked by 2023 (86.149.177.x) on April 30 2023, 7:41am
Reply on May 1 2023, 5:04pm:
    Mostly planned I guess, but sometimes planned spontaneously?
Question: Do you and Tom P. still talk much?
Asked by Will (184.75.223.x) on April 29 2023, 5:49pm
Reply on April 29 2023, 6:55pm:
    Not nearly enough!
Question: Hey Justin! Have you ever been to the GDC (Game Developers Conference)? And would you like to go there to see all of the amazing thing game audio developers do with Reaper? Maybe even do a talk yourself?
Asked by Pablo (185.104.138.x) on April 28 2023, 7:14am
Reply on April 28 2023, 9:27pm:
    I haven't, and I don't know what I would say at this point ;)
Question: Does the car culture in US get in your nerves?
Asked by Falafels (189.112.46.x) on April 28 2023, 12:46am
Reply on April 28 2023, 1:02am:
    Having society require car dependency sure does. :/
Question: I really like talking style of Kenny G. How to talk like him? From where he learnt talking like that? He got a really unique style of talking.
Asked by Shhh! It's secret! 🤫 (122.177.167.x) on April 27 2023, 3:56pm
Reply on April 27 2023, 10:38pm:
    We'd have to ask him (hopefully he joins in the comments).
Question: Hey Justin, hope you're well. Do you think a lot of advice is conjured in retrospect and in fact, had they followed their advice things may not have work out? I'm not one to outright follow advice, rather pick bits and pieces that might be useful; the more I hear contradicting advice from people who are at similar positions the more I think it's all a load of bs; no one knows for certain which factors contributed to success.
Asked by Jack (193.32.126.x) on April 27 2023, 3:09pm
Reply on April 27 2023, 10:38pm:
    Sure, proving causality is extremely difficult! So the best we can do is to relate our experiences.
Question: hey jf- have you sussed the method of stem etraction? could cockos improve that idea⁈⁈ (it is brilliant in current state!..very practical & useable fwiw) cheerz!
Asked by 2023 (86.149.177.x) on April 27 2023, 12:41pm
Reply on April 27 2023, 10:37pm:
    It's cool and all but not really our area of expertise.
Question: hey justin. gimme a tip about professional life. thx!
Asked by nikolai fedorov (51.158.238.x) on April 27 2023, 9:01am
Reply on April 27 2023, 10:37pm:
    Hah, well, even if you are emotionally invested in it, always stay professional. Not that I've succeeded at that.
Question: hey justin! could you provide a hint on how the reaper video processor APIs are supposed to be used? what does getInputInfo do? do we call renderInputVideoFrame every frame? thanks!
Asked by francesco (79.30.42.x) on April 26 2023, 8:42pm
Reply on April 27 2023, 10:36pm:
    It's documented in video_processor.h:

    When your process_frame() is called, you can (but don't have to) call getNumInputs() to see how many inputs are upstream of you, getInputInfo() to query the track/item of a given input, and renderInputVideoFrame() to render a given input's frame. Note that by "input" I mean "video media file" or "video processor".
Question: Why there's a need for three variants of swell_resgen? Are the latest additions (.pl) backwards compatible with existing .php generation for Linux host? Nice to see the embrace of Perl, I always value Perl for the benefit of not requiring extra installation in comparison to PHP.
Asked by Gio (94.65.152.x) on April 26 2023, 1:26pm
Reply on April 26 2023, 7:18pm:
    the perl version should produce the same results and will eventually be the only one :)
Question: hey jf- are you aware of the exact youtube timestrretch algorithm?.... was listening to this track > (youtu.be/p2XxyBViBog @ custom 1.05 speed...sounded well dodgy..almost like a tape warble.. any clues?
Asked by 2023 (91.110.225.x) on April 22 2023, 5:36pm
Reply on April 23 2023, 3:02am:
    No idea sorry! I would tend to think it would be something that SoX or some other free tool implements...
Question: As a guitar player how do you like tukans guitar amp simulation in jsfx youtube.com/watch?v=BU9jqjr6xVc ?
Asked by nixon (109.250.161.x) on April 22 2023, 12:17pm
Reply on April 23 2023, 3:01am:
    Haven't tried it, love big noisy amps though so playing through the computer is less satisfying. Will try maybe once my wrist is ready
Question: What do you do for sun protection? I hate wearing sunscreen, but I also want to start getting outside more. Have you heard of astaxanthin? They say it does a good job protecting your skin internally.
Asked by Erin (174.65.179.x) on April 21 2023, 4:49pm
Reply on April 23 2023, 3:01am:
    I don't like sunscreen much but end up having to use it too. Hats, of course, but the biggest factor is tracking the UV index and timing around that. IMO as long as you don't get burned you're ok, relatively (though not cosmetically perhaps), so working up to it helps. Haven't heard of astaxanthin.
Question: Hello, can you make it so ReaPlay is still heard when changing tabs in reaper ? I like to listen to it in one project tab when setting up routing and stuff in another. Thanks !
Asked by Pleas (89.187.171.x) on April 20 2023, 10:25pm
Reply on April 23 2023, 2:59am:
    Stick it on the monitoring FX?
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