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Question: As a hybrid hardware/software mixer, Reaper is great as it integrates hardware effortlessly. Recall is still the big bad monster as far as workflow with hardware. Could there be integration of hardware unit interface images such as those offered by Session Recall whereby users could buy their images from Session Recall and have them neatly imported into the FX rack in Reaper for easy recall "notes" via images? This is better than taking pictures and using recall sheets.
Asked by ahoova (50.238.169.x) on October 23 2023, 2:26pm
Reply on October 24 2023, 9:59pm:
    sws has mixer snapshots and stuff, perhaps?
Question: Besides the MIDI editor what else in native REAPER is an extension?
Asked by AaAaAAaAaaA (186.210.24.x) on October 23 2023, 4:55am
Reply on October 24 2023, 10:00pm:
    most of the media formats, video support (including the video fx engine)
Question: As an AI language model.. jk, Justin, I hope you're doing well. Anyways, have you ever felt like leaving this project behind, having fun on your own, and focusing on your personal projects instead of, say, trying to reproduce some nasty bugs that users have been reporting since the release of the latest version? Have you ever experienced that kind of slump or burnout? What keeps your valve running?
Asked by Artilius the Treble (123.136.26.x) on October 22 2023, 9:08pm
Reply on October 22 2023, 10:26pm (edited at October 22 2023, 10:27pm):
    I contest the premise of your question! (what nasty bugs???) Just kidding. Dealing with plug-in compatibility woes is especially not fun, but when the bugs are indeed fixable on our end then it's often satisfying. Remember, I am probably one of the biggest users of the thing, anyway. ;)
Question: One question about gfx.measurechar/gfx.measurestr: do these do some kind of gfx.update or something? I have a script, whose gui refresh stops, when I add these functions at a given position before drawing anything and it blanks out the gfx-window, making it black. Haven't got around a minimal working example for a bugreport, yet.
Asked by Mespotine (80.187.118.x) on October 22 2023, 2:42pm
Reply on October 22 2023, 8:37pm:
    Ah, count this as the bug report -- they do end up marking the surface as dirty even though they don't actually draw anything. Fixing!
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Question: hey jf.. so after viewing some recent changes in ms privacy + terms of "servicess" + agreement policies.. do you actually read all these terms & any other relevant data in some detail?? or, do you find any terms not actually user friendly,perhaps somewhat "intrusive" so to speak...(across multi os platforms)
Asked by 2023 (86.185.199.x) on October 21 2023, 10:26pm
Reply on October 22 2023, 12:14am:
    I think the idea that anybody routinely reads these terms of service is absurd!
Question: Hey, Justin. Some user scripts for Reaper are amazing. How do you feel about giving more official encouragement to developers that most stand out? Maybe showcase their work on Reaper webpage? Maybe set aside a part of Reaper profit and give financial awards for best scripts? Something from your official side, to recognize and encourage hard work of user script developers?
Asked by gregorl (89.212.235.x) on October 21 2023, 5:26am
Reply on October 21 2023, 8:49pm:
    I'm in favor of such but it raises a million questions about how to do that effectively and efficiently and fairly and I'd rather spend my time programming...
Question: do you use fx containers now? Any interesting find?
Asked by nome (187.213.52.x) on October 21 2023, 2:13am
Reply on October 21 2023, 8:49pm:
    Not much yet but most of the time I'm using super8 these days anyway heh
Question: Me from The Beths again, we’re playing Warsaw this Saturday, I’ve put you on the door with a guest, no pressure to come, but let me know if you do, I’d love to meet you and toast the release of v7
Asked by Jon Pearce (172.56.160.x) on October 19 2023, 6:14pm
Reply on October 19 2023, 6:35pm (edited at October 19 2023, 7:54pm):
    Ooh thanks I'll try to make it!
Question: Hey Justin, what do you say about the idea of making the APIs of native Reaper plugins such as ReaSynth, ReaComp, ReaEQ, etc. available? Developers could then create their own variations of e.g. RS5K combined with sound synthesis. Is this possible?
Asked by horneusz (46.205.213.x) on October 19 2023, 8:16am
Reply on October 19 2023, 6:36pm:
    maybe more fun to use reaper's routing? heh
Question: hey jf...read previous comment "mp3 4eva" .. do you not find any other formats showing significant improvements over the others? why not .ogg for eg: ?
Asked by 2023 (86.185.199.x) on October 18 2023, 3:48pm
Reply on October 18 2023, 6:30pm:
    Doesn't feel like there's a point, and mp3 is uniquely fun because it is self-synchronizing and doesn't require any file header to decode.
Question: Following up on Sunblister's question, could you ever see yourself getting involved in building an alternative to Bandcamp? Looks like the world needs it, and it intersects with your interests a bit. (Plus you seem like a decent human being and probably wouldn't ruin it after a few years.)
Asked by Mike (125.253.110.x) on October 17 2023, 11:18pm
Reply on October 18 2023, 6:29pm:
    Nah I much prefer just making end-user software. Running services sucks.
Question: Do you think Bandcamp will survive the latest capital spinaround or even remotely be what it used to be?
Asked by Sunblister (77.180.28.x) on October 17 2023, 8:16pm
Reply on October 18 2023, 6:29pm:
    I have no idea shrug
Question: how are you feeling now v7 is released?
Asked by he he he (177.191.5.x) on October 17 2023, 11:28am
Reply on October 17 2023, 4:26pm:
    pretty good, some little stuff has come up and there will be more minor releases I'm sure, and have a few small branches to eventually go in. Right now there's two items of complete bullshit we have to deal with in the next month or two relating to macOS (having to upgrade our build infrastructure from Apple deprecating altool) and Windows signing (time for a new certificate and now they make you use a HSM), I'm loathing those things. Putting them off until the dust settles, too.
Question: Favorites music books/articles?
Asked by heya (186.210.95.x) on October 16 2023, 2:21am
Reply on October 17 2023, 4:26pm:
Question: Recently i'd asked about formula used in RS5k to map gain to velocity (askjf.com/index.php?q=6883s and based on your reply wrote a function to adjust velocity by dB. But what i found out was that although the calculated velocity values at 6 dB velocity intervals (i.e. 2, 4, 16, 32, 64, 127) did match the Loudness Meter JSFX readings, the intermediate values did not.Turns out that according to the Loudness Meter output, within each range gain isn't mapped to velocity uniformly, therefore division of 6 by the number of velocity units in the range (e.g. 6/16, 6/32, 6/64) to find out dB per velocity unit doesn't produce accurate results. The diviation could be up to 6 velocity units. So my question is if there's a formula you would be able share which takes into account this lack of uniformity in the mapping or if you could explain how it's calculated.
Asked by Buy One (95.134.60.x) on October 15 2023, 2:00pm
Reply on October 15 2023, 2:14pm (edited at October 15 2023, 2:22pm):
    are you interpolating between these steps in dB or as a scale that is later converted to dB? Sounds like you're doing the former and you should be doing the latter. e.g.
    max_sc = 1; // +0 dB, aka 10^(0/20)
    min_sc = 0; // -inf dB
    max_v = 127;
    min_v = 1;
    sc = min_sc + (noteval - min_v) / (max_v - min_v) * (max_sc - min_sc);
    gain_db = log10(sc)*20; // convert scale to dB
    If you want to see the gain difference for each step, calculate sc and gain_db for the steps then look at the difference between each step's gain_db.
Question: What are the best approaches for tackling a large project in your opinion? I know modularity and scalability are two important concepts objectively speaking.
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on October 15 2023, 2:22am
Reply on October 15 2023, 2:16pm:
    For software anyway -- get something that compiles. then get something that works for a minimal subset. then expand that subset. adjust the design as needed.
Question: hey jf- you might like a bit of feedback? ..you may like a bit of mixing with mixers? ..did you see this fab thing with mixer feedback? (youtu.be/H-7kQmpjBds?feature=shared ((a dedicated jsfx based on this idea might be fun!))
Asked by 2023 (86.154.42.x) on October 12 2023, 11:10am
Reply on October 14 2023, 8:42pm:
    lolz... you can do it via routing and not involving jsfx heh. I remember getting the denormalization noises to make weird sounds via feedback for fun too. (normally if you have real silence you can't get any noise, but -400dB denormal noise is a good starting point)
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Question: What are your thoughts on object oriented programming?
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on October 11 2023, 7:57pm
Reply on October 12 2023, 2:48am:
    Like most things, it can be good or bad, it's all about the execution
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Question: For your own music collection, do you still prefer MP3, or have you moved on to Opus or AAC?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on October 11 2023, 3:11pm
Reply on October 11 2023, 7:48pm:
    mp3 4eva
Question: Will you update the cursor list with Razor edit cursors and any other newly added ones at reaper.fm/sdk/cursors/cursors.php?
Asked by Buy One (95.134.60.x) on October 11 2023, 8:50am
Reply on October 11 2023, 12:42pm:
    hah oops that hasn't been updated since 2012, thanks for pointing it out.
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