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Question: Have you ever done LSD?
Asked by Ape Din (188.164.221.x) on November 7 2023, 2:43pm
Reply on November 7 2023, 3:25pm:
    I have not
Question: Why starting reaper on windows is a blitz compared to macOS?
Asked by Ape Din (188.164.221.x) on November 6 2023, 7:26pm
Reply on November 6 2023, 8:03pm:
    Hmm it starts pretty quick on macOS too but you can speed it up some by disabling the splash screen animation. On Windows we use a separate thread to update the splash screen but we don't do that on macOS.
Question: Do you think AI is going to replace human programmers?
Asked by gptgp (1.75.154.x) on November 6 2023, 1:48pm
Reply on November 6 2023, 2:47pm (edited at November 6 2023, 5:14pm):
    Not any time soon. Might be useful as a tool to speed things up though.
Question: hey jf- things that make you go "Hmmm" ? ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ
Asked by 2023 (86.185.121.x) on November 6 2023, 1:27pm
Reply on November 6 2023, 2:47pm:
    The song?
Question: after reading source.opennews.org/articles/audio.... am wondering state of play today. As well as webaudio there's websockets, webrtc, kafka... and perhaps more! does ninjam use any of these, or are any of these particularly beneficial if trying to emulate some sort of web-ninjam machine? (Think of an inter-connected network of local supercollider sessions, with the ability to receive (and maybe send) audio resources via webaudio client apps, if that helps / makes any sense! ✌
Asked by Jonny (82.19.103.x) on November 6 2023, 1:00pm
Reply on November 6 2023, 2:47pm:
    for playback things are great (all my stuff uses a tiny bit of javascript to do useful things)... but for low latency and multiprocessing it's not inspiring to me. Things may be possible via web workers and whatnot but it would be a pain to do much. Native software ftw still.
Question: now that v7 is out, will JSFX be open sourced?
Asked by MadLobster (189.112.151.x) on November 5 2023, 6:12pm
Reply on November 6 2023, 1:54am:
    Ah yes I need to finish that...
Question: Do the members of the Reaper team ever organize in-person meetups, or has the team's interaction always been exclusively remote?
Asked by The Dogfather (123.136.27.x) on November 5 2023, 4:39pm
Reply on November 6 2023, 1:54am:
    They have happened but it's been a while!
Question: How much is the fish?
Asked by wasereb4 (83.135.15.x) on November 4 2023, 11:30pm
Reply on November 6 2023, 1:54am:
    Which fish?
Question: hey jf- is there a fast,simple method to doing video "null tests" with reaper? (as 1 would with 2 audio sources.. =wanting to compare video formats to check differences) >thanx
Asked by 2023 (86.137.198.x) on November 4 2023, 3:28pm
Reply on November 4 2023, 5:49pm:
    You could write a video processor that subtracts frames and amplifies any residual, sure. But you'd rarely get a full null if re-encoding...
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Question: do you ever consider your contribution to the p2p arc in history - not in a sensational headline napster kind of way, but like an enabling of access to media and information that was unconventional prior? i am thinking of this generation’s understanding of media and information behind subscriptions, walled gardens, and vague file systems and wonder if the way ‘we’ had it in 99-07 was some anomalous but productive hiccup
Asked by kenneth (76.170.34.x) on November 3 2023, 5:45am
Reply on November 3 2023, 9:01pm:
    Probably did a few things first that would've happened soon anyway ;)
Question: hey jf- how often do you clean_up disk space or backup files across platforms? (is any that process automated?) thanx
Asked by 2023 (86.137.198.x) on October 31 2023, 10:50am
Reply on October 31 2023, 1:34pm:
    stuff that needs to be backed up either a) goes into git and is replicated on other boxes, or b) goes on a NAS which is periodically synchronized with another NAS in a diff physical location...
Question: Do you want to stay in NYC the rest of your life?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on October 31 2023, 3:44am
Reply on October 31 2023, 1:35pm:
    Don't have plans that extend that far but for the near future yeah. Though going to the bay area January-March of each year is a good plan.
Question: With proper tencity, could one use REAPER as a game engine?
Asked by Caleb (174.73.207.x) on October 31 2023, 3:30am
Reply on October 31 2023, 1:35pm:
    It would be a stretch.
Question: Hi Justin! Could it be said that REAFIR is a linear phase eq?
Asked by Javier (81.9.209.x) on October 30 2023, 10:14pm
Reply on October 31 2023, 1:36pm:
    IIRC it can operate in such a mode but only in a very limited subset and it's not terribly useful as such
Question: Has ReaMote been discontinued in version 7? There's no mention of the fact in the change logs but ReaMote item is absent in the Preferences
Asked by Buy One (95.134.60.x) on October 28 2023, 1:55pm
Reply on October 29 2023, 1:52am:
    It is no longer included, yeah -- it was becoming more and more obsolete in the subset it supported, and it was holding back a lot of new functionality. It may get revisited in some easier to maintain form in the future.
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Question: Can you sell music using unlicensed REAPER after the 60-day trial?
Asked by bbtund8 (76.100.44.x) on October 27 2023, 4:53am
Reply on October 27 2023, 4:22pm:
    If you're using unlicensed REAPER after 60 days, you're violating our license agreement regardless of whether you sell music...
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Question: Hi! I'm researching the audio issue that affects applications when headphones are switched in but the audio doesn't come out (affecting SuperCollider & SonicPi, and reportedly Audacity) I read you fixed it with Reaper 👍👍👍 Does this ring a bell? Was this difficult to fix? Thanks! github.com/supercollider/supercoll...
Asked by Jonny (82.19.103.x) on October 26 2023, 5:02pm
Reply on October 26 2023, 5:09pm:
    If opening the default devices, need to add a listener for kAudioHardwarePropertyDefaultInputDevice etc and if those devices change, re-open the devices...
Question: Can you give an estimate how many Reaper users are there worldwide? (at least you should know how many bought a license)
Asked by DarthFader (77.23.254.x) on October 26 2023, 9:35am
Reply on October 26 2023, 12:45pm:
    My estimate based on my feeling is that paying users would be measured in the hundreds-of-thousands, no idea about non-paying users (somewhat more, probably).
Question: Hey Justin, how do you choose what you are going to work on for REAPER? If there is two very different audiences asking for different things (i.e. postproduction vs. live performance), how do you choose? Sometimes there are small details that bother thousands and at the same time a great issue that is stopping a smaller community to use REAPER in their work. Populatiry of forum topics is not always the reflection of the real needs of certain communities.
Asked by nikolalkc (159.153.150.x) on October 25 2023, 10:07am
Reply on October 25 2023, 5:03pm:
    It's much like how ChatGPT and LLM models work, you just start with "I am going to work on" then see what comes next based on a massive statistical model that nobody understands, with randomness added to make it more interesting and less predictable.
Question: Hah, didn't notice that 7 is here until now. Congratulations man, I love the gradual, stepwise refinement. How Cockos team celebrated this release?
Asked by Gio (79.130.188.x) on October 23 2023, 2:30pm
Reply on October 24 2023, 9:59pm:
    By working more! and our own private geographically-centered celebrations, I guess
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