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Question: Can we see Reaper update to use as mixer with vca spills (separate mixes to busses) i mean visible mixer layout for busses apart from master mixer
Asked by Sam Joseph (103.216.198.x) on May 28 2024, 7:12am
Reply on May 28 2024, 3:55pm:
    hmm see note above
Question: Are there some branches in the "in house" REAPER repo that were stashed for good? What did they contain? Curious about the parts the end user never get to see :)
Asked by smandrap (188.12.128.x) on May 27 2024, 1:13pm
Reply on May 27 2024, 7:25pm:
    we have some "hold" branches which are there for future use. Sometimes they were in a +dev build but then deemed not ready. Other things that could be useful someday but have no real point now (like using a slightly newer CoreAudio API on macOS - no point in switching now, but if at some point we have to update to a newer dev tools and they remove the old API, we'll need it). Or something to use the new Win10+ thread name API, which would be useful for debuggers. Except- no debuggers currently support it, lol.
Question: What do you think of the new Snapdragon X elite chips laptops? Do you think you'll give them a try since they are looking pretty good for the price and battery life and the performance is pretty much comparable to M3/M4 as well. Also, will Reaper be supported Windows arm as well in the future?
Asked by Rano (103.211.133.x) on May 26 2024, 10:54am
Reply on May 26 2024, 7:18pm:
    I have too many laptops, and my M1 MBA can run Win11 in UTM at full speed so that'll leave me inclined to do that. We have REAPER ready to run in ARM64EC on Windows 11 (a build is posted on our prerelease site), once there's enough demand we'll probably release it in beta. But at the moment there is roughly no demand.
Question: Hey, Justin. Sometimes I want to automate volume from plugin. Which of native Reaper plugins would you recommend for lowest zipper noise? Usually I use volume slider in ReaEQ. Is that a good choice?
Asked by Gregor (89.212.235.x) on May 26 2024, 6:55am
Reply on May 26 2024, 7:15pm:
    ReaEQ is fine and won't zipper IIRC, but it won't be sample-accurate. I'd use JS: Volume/Pan Smoother v5 for that.
Question: Why do you consider it terrible code?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on May 26 2024, 3:17am
Reply on May 26 2024, 7:14pm:
    When I started writing it, documentation was not what it was today, and I was still learning to program Windows applications. And then it's evolved since then, but not entirely for the best reasons.
Question: So, the company that owns Winamp has plans for open sourcing it. (youtube.com/watch?v=2Sy90K9CB8w What are your thoughts?
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on May 26 2024, 2:12am
Reply on May 26 2024, 3:00am:
    It's ancient terrible code anyway ;)
Question: Have you seen the experimental DAW Blockhead (youtube.com/watch?v=P5fWPBOdrY8? What do you think of it?
Asked by Jim12 (176.254.199.x) on May 25 2024, 7:16pm
Reply on May 26 2024, 12:38am:
    I watched some of a video of it a while back, was kinda cute but nothing I'd want to use
Question: Do you think Reaper will ever get vector support instead of raster for the ui, icons etc in the future?
Asked by Rano (103.211.132.x) on May 25 2024, 4:24pm
Reply on May 26 2024, 12:38am:
    No plans, but we'll see
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Question: hey jf- (a double whammy!) If space is a vacuum,how can it be cold? (considering equilibrium) + if space IS a vacuum, what IS the "container"? ta
Asked by 2024 (86.138.246.x) on May 25 2024, 1:35pm
Reply on May 26 2024, 12:39am:
    Is space cold? also I don't think it's a vacuum, just has areas with less matter than others
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Question: Do you prefer act on press or release for UI design?
Asked by ui-ur (45.89.173.x) on May 25 2024, 9:12am
Reply on May 25 2024, 12:41pm:
    release feels better most of the time
Question: What was the most painful injury you've ever had?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on May 23 2024, 2:22am
Reply on May 23 2024, 3:20am (edited at May 23 2024, 3:26am):
    When I was 17 I did some really stupid stuff on rollerblades and sprained (?) or overextended my hip. Hurt like hell at the time, and for days. Probably fucked up my biomechanics, too, I should've done a lot of PT but didn't. So now a lot of my strength training is compensating for that, in order to make things work right for running.
Question: hey jf- we love using spectrograms & sonograms..are you aware of the slightly more advanced "spectrum reassignment method" ? ta
Asked by 2024 (86.138.246.x) on May 22 2024, 6:38pm
Reply on May 23 2024, 3:21am:
    You mean where you increase the resolution of a spectrogram without reducing the time sensitivity, by doing twice the analysis but at a slight offset?
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Question: Are you competitive when you go in marathons? Like trying to reach in a good place, or breaking a personal record?
Asked by Nadal and Federer (189.112.46.x) on May 22 2024, 5:03pm
Reply on May 22 2024, 6:24pm:
    I'm almost never (I'll explain the almost in a sec) competitive in relation to other people, but depending on how I'm feeling and how well trained I am I will look at PRing. Last weekend I succeeded in that for a half marathon, shaving more than 4 minutes off of my previous best time which was 10 years ago. I was still in something like 1250th place though lol.

    Only one time have I been competitive - in a 50k a couple of years ago, there were two people ahead of me, and at some point they went off piste, and so around halfway through I found myself in the lead (the aid station volunteers told me). So the rest of that race I spent looking over my shoulder worried about getting passed. I ended up winning, but it probably would've been more fun to just enjoy it and not care.
Question: A couple of questions, actually; first one would be why the "subdirectory per project" option is/was not a default from the start? It works perfectly and makes life so much easier. :-) The second question relates to Save Take dialog. If one clicks on "Delete sected" and no item is selected, the application window/dialog loses focus. Seemingly this only affects Linux. Is there a fix in the works, or should I consider wrangling the window manager? Keep up the good work!!
Asked by Pellie (185.227.72.x) on May 22 2024, 7:46am
Reply on May 22 2024, 1:38pm:
    These are probably too REAPER-y to really be answered here (see note above) .. but re: the second part, I've noticed this annoyance too, I think it's window-manager specific, but I should see if I can come up with a workaround.
Question: Me and a friend of mine were talking about "the good ol' days", and he told me about the floating head you'd find in old version of Winamp that scarred him for life. I know it's been 20+ years, but do you know who drew that? And if so, is there more? I love that image! :D
Asked by Eris Lund (185.181.61.x) on May 21 2024, 6:52am
Reply on May 21 2024, 8:44pm:
    I forget! It's probably in the credits for those old versions though.
Question: Everyone online is talking about AI constantly. Do you have any use for it in your work? Kinda seems like the hip new buzzword.
Asked by Aaron (65.188.184.x) on May 20 2024, 9:37pm
Reply on May 21 2024, 8:44pm:
    Not that I've found yet, it's interesting to me but maybe not as interesting as people are thinking it is.
Question: Have you ever thought of your work in programming as a kind of stewardship toward humanity?
Asked by Chris Roode (75.246.30.x) on May 20 2024, 4:56pm
Reply on May 21 2024, 8:44pm:
    I look at it as more trivial in the scheme of things but still worthwhile, I guess.
Question: hey jf- ever been out to "protest" for something you were/are passionate about? (+do you think verbal or silent protests actually achieve any goals for a majority of people who make them efforts?) ta.
Asked by 2024 (86.138.246.x) on May 20 2024, 12:57pm
Reply on May 21 2024, 8:43pm:
    I have, and while I'm not sure it ever has an effect, raising your objection is important.
Question: How do u learn how to code?
Asked by number1fan (103.156.58.x) on May 18 2024, 5:01am
Reply on May 19 2024, 7:28pm:
    it's hard for me to answer this because my experience was in a world that was so much different from today's! get an atari 800xl and start typing in BASIC programs from Antic magazine? that would be ludicrous.
Question: Do you code standing, lying down, seated, crouched ?
Asked by Foot, Yours (186.210.30.x) on May 18 2024, 1:35am
Reply on May 19 2024, 7:25pm:
    mostly standing these days
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