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Question: Since airwindows plugins became open source, have you been intrigued to check out their code for inspiration's sake?
Asked by Albi (187.189.28.x) on June 12 2019, 12:16am
Reply on June 12 2019, 1:37am:
    Nah, too many other things to be doing!
Question: Justin, namesake aside I feel we might share a love for music (I like your recordings _/_) I'm a songwriter & also study Indian classical music, learning vocals and Rudra Veena. Also super into jazz - Coltrane, Sun Ra in particular...anyhoo, Indian music has powers to calm the mind and render time & space what they are (i.e. non-existent); I play this music in special needs schools to calm children diagnosed with autism/ADHD/overactive minds.
Asked by Jamie Frankel (5.67.194.x) on June 9 2019, 7:09pm
Reply on June 10 2019, 8:37pm:
    (continued: "I wish to build a unique App involving the creation of a DAW. A passive/therapeutic 'listening' setting will induce a calm mind & an active/collaborative setting will allow ppl from around the world to collaborate on creating beautiful music within the parameters of the Indian musical system, with its highly sophisticated systems of Raga (emotion/melody) and Tala (clap/rhythm)...I have zero experience in programming or software. To my question: might you be intrigued enough to help me?")

    Sounds cool, but no thanks! I've got enough things to do as it is. :)
Question: where there's so many synth VST's out there, can you save me all the stress from downloading and testing each one and recommend me your favorites
Asked by Emmmm (213.7.168.x) on June 9 2019, 5:13pm
Reply on June 10 2019, 8:37pm:
    I don't use too many synths, but I love Pianoteq.
Question: Do you think after 25 or 50 years, smartphones would replace most (not all, obviously) things - computers/laptops, (DSLR) cameras, music players, gaming consoles, in short all multimedia/entertainment related devices? Right now, smartphones can even used as computer mouse and gamepad XD
Asked by Abhi (104.236.195.x) on June 9 2019, 3:58pm
Reply on June 10 2019, 8:37pm:
    Probably yeah
Question: I've found an awesome video comparing ReaComp to ProC and generally doing some great explanations. He shows how parameter scaling is a bit wonky in ReaComp, but what's this - when I go to check in a fresh ReaComp instance, it looks like the "proper" scaling has already been implemented! :) Great job :D
Asked by eubn (79.49.30.x) on June 9 2019, 1:53pm
Reply on June 10 2019, 8:38pm:
    Ah yeah we tweaked ReaComp because of some of those critiques...
Question: Are you left-handed, right-handed or left&right-handed?
Asked by Pony (46.252.212.x) on June 7 2019, 4:08pm
Reply on June 7 2019, 7:17pm:
    Mostly right but some things left (though most of those things I can also do right handed with less grace, e.g. throwing, frisbee, bowling).
Question: If you can choose only 2 devices from these - smartphone, tablet, phablet, laptop & desktop - what two devices would you choose?
Asked by Abhi (117.202.171.x) on June 7 2019, 3:49pm
Reply on June 7 2019, 7:16pm:
    Phone and laptop. Ideally an external mouse/keyboard for the laptop too, for when at home.
Question: Have you had a chance or the time to watch Killing Eve or Peaky Blinders? What are your thoughts on them - if you have seen them? Also, living in NYC do you go to Sound installations/shows etc? Or not your scene?
Asked by Bean (49.196.3.x) on June 7 2019, 2:36pm
Reply on June 7 2019, 7:16pm:
    I've seen Killing Eve. It's pretty good. Tried to watch Peaky Blinders but never got into it. In NYC I'll go to music shows, not so much on sound installations.
Question: What's your favourite Star Trek episode?
Asked by Sai'ke (132.230.195.x) on June 7 2019, 2:11pm
Reply on June 7 2019, 7:15pm:
    I don't have one, but my favorite series was TNG
Question: How many programming-languages can you program with and which of them you know fluently?
Asked by Mespotine (109.104.46.x) on June 6 2019, 2:17pm
Reply on June 7 2019, 12:41pm (edited at June 7 2019, 12:42pm):
    I use C/C++, PHP, Lua, EEL2, Javascript pretty regularly and comfortably I guess. There are others I use less-often and thus less-comfortably. Fluency isn't exactly a good concept IMO, oversimplification. Can you understand code written in the language? Can you write whatever you need in the language? Can you write whatever you need in the most elegant and clean fashion? These are three questions which can be answered in different ways...
Question: What's going on with the ninjam servers?
Asked by David (74.108.19.x) on June 6 2019, 12:12am
Reply on June 7 2019, 12:40pm (edited at June 7 2019, 12:48pm):
    They seem OK? Ah I see, fixing!
Question: What is the extend of MIDI you, schwa and other Cockos developers use? I remember you used the word "midiot" a few times so I wonder do you even record MIDI :D
Asked by John (93.136.90.x) on June 4 2019, 3:27pm
Reply on June 7 2019, 12:40pm:
    I use it here and there but mostly do audio stuff. I can't speak for the others.
Question: do you think rewiring Reason into Reaper is easy/hard for work flow....maybe i need 2 screens or i don't know i find it something hard to do right now, whats your opinion, thanks
Asked by Emmm (128.0.250.x) on June 3 2019, 3:10pm
Reply on June 3 2019, 3:27pm:
    I keep it simpler and record audio :)
Question: Do you wear any smartwatch or smartband? If yes, how many steps do you walk/run daily? I have almost 10,000 steps daily, if I don't reach, I walk/run extra (thanks to my smartband, it motivates me to walk/run, haha). Also, is it possible for a normal person to walk/run 100,000 steps daily?
Asked by Abhi (162.243.246.x) on June 3 2019, 7:44am
Reply on June 3 2019, 3:27pm (edited at June 3 2019, 3:48pm):
    I only wear a watch when I'm running/etc. I've read that whole 10,000 steps thing was originally a marketing campaign by a pedometer company, but it seems like a good goal. I think most days I probably walk 5,000 steps, bike 10 miles, run a few miles, etc. I don't think I've ever done 100,000 steps in a day, most I've done is around 70,000, I think (running an ultra or walking a great saunter). To do more than that every day seems really really difficult.
Question: After 50 years, would smartphones be as capable as today's high-end computers?
Asked by Abhi (104.131.66.x) on June 1 2019, 12:10pm
Reply on June 1 2019, 1:00pm:
    In terms of raw processing power and storage, no doubt yes. Whether they are fully end-user programmable, we'll see?
Question: What is the best part of lua?
Asked by fujimotos (153.147.9.x) on May 31 2019, 12:34pm
Reply on May 31 2019, 10:48pm:
    Its API for integration, IMO.
Question: Hello Justin, I know that it’s inappropriate to ask this here, but there is very little chance for me to get direct reply from you anywhere else on the Reaper forum, so I hope this question will not offend you too much. Is there any reason for Reaper not to have a “loop view” (Session view in Ableton)? It is where you can record a loop and trigger it by clicking on the selected loop. I saw you using loops for composing and jamming all the time on your youtube channel
Asked by Christopher Brown (66.70.178.x) on May 31 2019, 3:42am
Reply on May 31 2019, 10:48pm (edited at May 31 2019, 10:49pm):
    If I had a clear vision for something I wanted to use relating to that, then there would be, but I don't, so there isn't. Schwa does sometimes write things for other people, but I really try to avoid it. Super8 meets my needs for looping things.
Question: Did it ever happen with you, that you always wanted to make some plugin for a long time (e.g. some complex synth or whatever you need for yourself), but didn't really get into making it or had no time to finish it?
Asked by Pony (78.152.169.x) on May 30 2019, 10:03am
Reply on May 30 2019, 1:04pm:
    I did experiment with some modeling synths in JSFX, but lost interest at some point.
Question: If you would rate your own software REAPER 0-100, what would your rate be?
Asked by MS from Sweden (77.218.252.x) on May 30 2019, 9:30am
Reply on May 30 2019, 1:03pm:
    While I'm tempted to reference Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, my answer is actually: NaN
Question: Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?
Asked by david (103.91.114.x) on May 30 2019, 4:45am
Reply on May 30 2019, 1:03pm:
    Down with cars!
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