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Question: hey-am sure there's like a billion questions 1 could ask,so why don't you do more online interviews,or do you just prefere this little typing box here? i'm sure some interviewers would even buy you a cup of tea for your time+wisdoms!!
Asked by bwise (2.25.95.x) on September 20 2019, 9:52am
Reply on September 20 2019, 6:20pm:
    Shrug not sure anybody really cares, I do like hot beverages though
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Question: What gift card you like?
Asked by Stevie (79.195.100.x) on September 18 2019, 9:27pm
Reply on September 19 2019, 5:16pm:
    Uhh cash money!
Question: If you could go back to the late 90s / early 2000s, is there any major decisions you'd change in retrospect?
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on September 17 2019, 3:02pm
Reply on September 18 2019, 2:08am (edited at September 18 2019, 3:17pm):
    Little private things but probably not anything worth talking about. Edit: OK one would be to start endurance running earlier. Not a major decision but one that I'd appreciate.
Question: With macOS Catalina, PACE requires com.apple.security.cs.allow-unsigned-executable-memory entitlement set, when notarizing app which loads PACE protected plugins. What's the point of Apple new security measures then, if advanced apps (copy protection etc) can't run without backdoor opened?
Asked by zabukowski (89.142.59.x) on September 17 2019, 7:31am
Reply on September 18 2019, 2:07am:
    We'd need that entitlement enabled for JSFX too. The point is that those applications have to get reviewed by apple in order to get those permissions. I still think it stinks, though (especially since they make you have 10.14+ and Xcode10, which as a side note is useless to me, in order to go through the process).
Question: I keep imagining that as I get better at things I will encounter less problems, but all that seems to happen is there are less people that can help me. Do you get that with programming? When were you last truly stumped?
Asked by Colin (58.96.109.x) on September 16 2019, 10:26am
Reply on September 16 2019, 8:52pm (edited at September 16 2019, 8:53pm):
    When stumped, experiment and try different things! :) And think about it while doing other unrelated things (exercise is good in that respect, too)...
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Question: Thanks for the code ExecProcess. Is there a way that I could get the output of a cmd line app like cdrecord, and recieve the output progress in realtime to an Edit control without adding an additional function to the code? It works, but not in realtime.
Asked by Wyatt (76.77.160.x) on September 15 2019, 10:33pm
Reply on September 16 2019, 12:44am:
    Simplest method: in that code, every time it calls ret.Append(), you could add SetDlgItemText(hwnd,idx, ret.Get())... or something along those lines.

    You'd also need to run the message loop, though, (via PeekMessage()/DispatchMessage() on Windows and a SWELL_ function on non-windows), which is ugly. Ideally you should restructure the code to initialize once, then run it periodically from a timer to check for output. That will be left as an exercise for the reader.
Question: what do you think of spraycan art? graffiti? wall murals..ever done a piece like that?
Asked by bkind (2.26.240.x) on September 15 2019, 12:35pm
Reply on September 15 2019, 1:09pm:
    I haven't done any but I like them!
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Question: What's the best coffee you've had lately? (Preferably - that I could order for myself)
Asked by Andre (108.75.134.x) on September 15 2019, 7:54am
Reply on September 15 2019, 1:09pm:
    Where do you live?
Question: Will trum win the next election?
Asked by Fred (188.96.118.x) on September 14 2019, 2:28pm
Reply on September 15 2019, 1:21am:
    Dear God I hope not!
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Question: Sorry but rss feed seem's to doesn't work anymore. On 1014.org/rss.phpthere is this message (with chrome) : "This page contains the following errors: error on line 6705 at column 84: EntityRef: expecting ';'". BTW Thanks for everything Justin!
Asked by boby_dick (90.89.165.x) on September 14 2019, 2:21pm
Reply on September 15 2019, 1:21am (edited at September 15 2019, 1:22am):
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, fixed!
Question: would you rather be a dolphin or a dog?
Asked by robin (85.76.137.x) on September 13 2019, 12:57am
Reply on September 14 2019, 1:42pm:
    Probably depends on where and with whom the dog lived... I've seen some very, very happy dogs. Though being a dolphin in the wild would probably be pretty awesome too.
Question: Could you make LICECap have a higher z-index than the taskbar in Win10? it would be incredibly useful.
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on September 12 2019, 2:20pm
Reply on September 12 2019, 8:26pm:
    Not that I know of but maybe it would be possible
Question: I'm super inspired by your ethos, by your quality software, business model, and apparent dedication to Jesus. Thank you. Have you ever tried kirtan or bhakti-yoga?
Asked by haribol aaron (174.28.166.x) on September 10 2019, 10:12pm
Reply on September 11 2019, 3:21pm:
    I'll take 75%. I've done only very basic yoga, but running is more of my thing
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Question: how do you feel about orphaned or abandonwares? would there be any old code or particular old softwares you would love to reavive or continue if having any chance to? +what is the actual laws on that? ty.
Asked by imetayeti (2.26.240.x) on September 8 2019, 9:04am
Reply on September 8 2019, 10:45pm (edited at September 9 2019, 1:22pm):
    Re: actual laws, I am not a lawyer.

    The US constitution has a relevant clause (quoted from
    [the United States Congress shall have power] To promote the Progress of
    Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and
    Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.
    This is interesting because it establishes that the purpose of copyright is to "promote the progress of science and useful arts." Having said that, in my opinion, with respect to the spirit of the law, abandonware, ophaned software, and very obsolete software, where the exercise of the copyright is not providing any benefit to anybody, should be completely allowed, as it maximizes the benefit to society... Which seems to be the case in practice, normally (look at archive.org and their emulated software libraries, which are fantastic).
Question: I just finished the introductory book for the Rust language and it seems really nice. Any familiarity with it? Thoughts? Opinions?
Asked by Lokasenna (70.73.126.x) on September 4 2019, 3:53pm
Reply on September 4 2019, 9:59pm:
    I haven't looked at it much... Misc other languages is not where I spend my time, usually.
Question: "if you could have the powers of any supervillain or superhero for a week,who would you be and what would you do with any powers?"
Asked by bnice (31.124.45.x) on September 4 2019, 11:22am
Reply on September 4 2019, 3:03pm:
    The bad dude from the first season of Jessica Jones, if I had that power I could go have some words with some people and maybe get them to be nicer? Or maybe it wouldn’t last long enough?
Question: This is the Winamp player if Justin Frankel would have lived in a steampunk world: i.redd.it/ko3omnwufyj31.jpg
Asked by MS from Sweden (77.218.245.x) on September 1 2019, 12:58pm
Reply on September 2 2019, 6:02pm:
    I wish I had a picture of my parallel port DAC + radio shack amplifier I used back in the day for DACe...
Question: hey- "did you realize edison was not the 1st recording engineer?" + "do you patent anything at all?" please observe> (youtube.com/watch?v=75UrxueiP-4
Asked by oddsod (31.124.45.x) on August 31 2019, 9:31am
Reply on September 2 2019, 6:04pm:
    interesting. I don't like software patents, so I would never consider getting one.
Question: do your eyes still bright when achieving some programming thing? : ) i wonder this because mine don't shine so much with it as they used. I feel it's just one more :) I wonder how about you.
Asked by deee (79.168.140.x) on August 29 2019, 5:04pm
Reply on August 29 2019, 8:55pm:
    Depends but yeah
Question: How do you attempt syntaxhighlighting in the IDEs? For Eel, you could create it your own, but how did you do that with Python and Lua, who you didn't write? Is there a system for parsing and coloring they provide?
Asked by Mespotine (109.104.36.x) on August 29 2019, 4:09pm
Reply on August 29 2019, 8:55pm:
    We did it for all of them, it's mostly shared code but some different logic for each...
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