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Question: hey- what merits or standards were required to be part of the cockos team? how did you select+recruit? ty.
Asked by bunique (95.149.70.x) on October 22 2019, 6:48pm
Reply on October 23 2019, 3:51am:
    It's a rare enough thing that there's no real system in place to control admission
Question: Can people practice in dreams?
Asked by Abhi (117.225.118.x) on October 20 2019, 4:30am
Reply on October 22 2019, 1:44pm:
    Probably depends on how well you remember the dream?
Question: Hi justin. Have you ever mixed anything with reaper? If so, can I take a look at your mixes :)
Asked by David (71.190.189.x) on October 18 2019, 6:27pm
Reply on October 19 2019, 11:48am (edited at October 19 2019, 3:47pm):
    One would hope so! I have a massive collection of recordings, if you would like reaper projects for any (parts) of them let me know the file (and section if it’s a very long one) and I can post a project+media
Question: hey! -do you ever notice any synchronized sound events or timings with things like radios,tv,talking or any other type of general background noises while your making music/sounds of your own? ?just me? ...seems to happen often here,lol.
Asked by bgreatfull (31.124.45.x) on October 18 2019, 3:12pm
Reply on October 19 2019, 11:53am:
    Where video or sounds go well with music? yeah, a lot! Seems the brain is good at making things work...
Question: Hey there, hard to reach you :-) Could you contact me on jef at nullsoft dot com ?
Asked by jfmauguit (213.246.214.x) on October 18 2019, 11:47am
Reply on October 18 2019, 12:54pm:
    Email sent! For future reference my email is justin at cockos dot com... :)
Question: Have you considered hiring a guy like me to manage the daily operational operations of you and Schwa? Of course, I would have to hire someone else to directly manage you & Schwa while I manage that person.
Asked by Mommy (97.100.251.x) on October 16 2019, 10:34pm
Reply on October 17 2019, 1:22am:
    Maybe if I hired someone to manage you doing that. We’d have to increase our prices though, which would hurt the sales, requiring us to increase our prices more... and at that price point we’d need to add some DRM...
Question: Dear Justin, thanks a lot for REAPER! It has been my DAW of choice for almost 8 years or so and it has never let me down :-) I have a rather technical question: I thinking about adding bit briding support to my VST host, what is the best way to communicate between the 64-bit host and the 32-bit subprocess? pipes or shared memory or something else?
Asked by Christof (193.170.190.x) on October 16 2019, 7:36am
Reply on October 16 2019, 1:48pm:
Question: Are you planning world domination (of DAWS) when REAPER hits version 6.66?
Asked by RipperRoo (110.54.148.x) on October 15 2019, 11:53pm
Reply on October 16 2019, 1:46pm:
    Haha no but we'll keep chipping away, maybe.
Question: Is today your birthday?
Asked by fujimotos (220.210.176.x) on October 15 2019, 4:21am
Reply on October 15 2019, 2:11pm:
    It is not today, no! :)
Question: Fav Beatles album? This new Abbey rd mix is great!
Asked by Will (50.84.190.x) on October 14 2019, 2:22pm
Reply on October 14 2019, 2:46pm:
    Mmmm Abbey Road is good. Revolver too. Hard to pick.
Question: How much time notarizing REAPER build on Mac takes for you? Would reapack and js_reascriptapi require separate notarization in order to run on Catalina?
Asked by Pony (46.252.214.x) on October 14 2019, 9:25am
Reply on October 14 2019, 1:49pm:
    We haven't done it yet -- for now we're just recommending this process. It looks like for releases, notarization will be an annoying and tedious step that may or may not be a big pain. The main unknowns now, though, are:
    • Will notarization succeed with reaper_host_i386.app inside our .app bundle? If it does not, that means we'd have to have a separate download with reduced functionality for Catalina users.
    • Will we have to (eventually) build with Xcode10_/macOS 10.14 SDK for the hardened runtime? I know this requirement was delayed but will it be an eventuality? I've never been able to get Xcode 10 to work right with legacy code.
    Plug-ins should work fine in any case without notarization, since we will request the relaxed dynamic library loading entitlement (except for now in non-notarized Audio Units, since I guess the component manager uses the hardened runtime).
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Question: What do you think about Riot.im?
Asked by Riotim (78.162.8.x) on October 13 2019, 8:29pm
Reply on October 14 2019, 1:49pm:
    Haven't tried it
Question: "do you know much of Scott Flansburg, the Human Calculator:pt1+2: his methods + the human calender ideas?" ++thanx4all you do!
Asked by bigfootslovechild (31.124.45.x) on October 13 2019, 2:56pm
Reply on October 13 2019, 3:04pm:
Question: Weird question, haha. Do you know any software which has '13' as its version number? Like REAPER has 5 currently. I mean, people consider '13' as unlucky number, right? For example, FL Studio was 12th, but now they skipped 13th and went directly to 20th. Pro Tools is stuck into 12th and people are saying that it will never have 13 version. Also, I have never listened any software, which has version number as 13. Is there any software with 13 as its version number?
Asked by Abhi (59.89.120.x) on October 13 2019, 12:54pm
Reply on October 13 2019, 3:04pm:
    I'm pretty sure Parallels did a version 13?
Question: i heard Rewire is discontinued from propellerheads.. will it continue to work in Reaper with new OS updates ? if Rewire now begins to loose support with other DAWs do you think a similar technology that interfaces audio, transport and other controls between applications would be worth developing and trying to license/standardise ? is this anything you would look at doing ?
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.2.x) on October 13 2019, 6:24am
Reply on October 13 2019, 3:04pm:
Question: Hi Justin, thanks for your amazing work on Reaper. How do you and your team manage to get the CPU usage so efficient and stable compared to other DAWs, which eat CPU and crash more frequently?
Asked by Asai (206.128.64.x) on October 10 2019, 7:54pm
Reply on October 12 2019, 12:17am:
    Shrug? Maybe it's all about the anticipative FX mode? :)
Question: Not a question, just a quick hello— I just redownloadrd WinAmp. It was my favourite as a kid because of all the amazing skins I could outfit it with. I just wanted to thank you for making such a lovely program that a creative community could get behind.
Asked by Akeena (184.151.230.x) on October 9 2019, 7:25pm
Reply on October 9 2019, 9:35pm:
    Hah nice hello thank you!
Question: Is there anything specific keeping Reaper's Linux builds under "experimental"? It seems to have been pretty stable for quite a while, and as far as I know device support for Linux in general is the biggest recurring issue.
Asked by Lokasenna (96.53.3.x) on October 9 2019, 6:22pm
Reply on October 9 2019, 9:35pm:
    Mostly a CYA ;)
Question: "how do you feel towards building rack extensions? +are you able to make advantage of this technology with reaper? please view@ youtube.com/watch?v=rcV9zLFzt4s =many thanx!
Asked by verberbalist (31.124.45.x) on October 8 2019, 5:58pm
Reply on October 8 2019, 10:13pm:
    Hmm that's too long to watch right now
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Question: Some months ago, a shopping website had some problem. They ask credit card details before a payment gateway, which never asks credit card detail. So, it was strange, but we entered our credit card detail. And yesterday, we had SMS in our phone about transaction which we haven't done. Fortunately, our bank has blocked the card quickly. And the website owner said us that yes they had some kind of malware, which they fixed later, maybe their server was hacked. Anyway, is it really possible that you have the world's best antivirus installed in your PC and still, your credit card entry is taken by someone else, probably because it's the mistake of the website? I mean, that website's server was that much weak that it allowed the hacker to enter their payment process and add that fake page of credit card entry. And whoever enter the details there, directly reaches to the hacker? Do you have any idea about this?
Asked by Abhi (117.207.137.x) on October 8 2019, 5:18pm
Reply on October 8 2019, 10:11pm:
    If that website was hacked, then yeah there's nothing antivirus software would help locally. Hopefully in your country fraud is not your responsibility? (In the USA for credit cards the banks usually take full responsibility if you report fraud ASAP)
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