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Question: Any April fool ya made to someone or someone to ya?
Asked by Cool (27.58.103.x) on April 2 2021, 8:40am
Reply on April 2 2021, 9:55pm:
    They can be funny but also sort of sad?
Question: Are the rumors true ? Reaper is only 13mb because you and Schwa still use floppy disks to share reaper versions? xD
Asked by Not J.R.R.John Willians (189.112.150.x) on April 1 2021, 5:50pm
Reply on April 1 2021, 8:08pm:
    Floppy disks would be way too small for that!
Question: Do you more love or hate past Justin?
Asked by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on March 31 2021, 8:45pm
Reply on March 31 2021, 8:51pm:
    I tolerate him :)
Question: Do you regularly use any third party stuffs in REAPER? Like SWS extensions, X-Raym scripts, Playtime etc. ?? If yes, can you also suggest here good helpful ones?
Asked by WaterWolf (27.58.68.x) on March 31 2021, 4:11pm
Reply on March 31 2021, 8:51pm:
    I don't really!
Question: Ummmmm, any plan of making default reaper 6 light theme? Current one = too dark for mine & many others' eyes :( ......... like, reaper 5 kinda light, but reaper 6 theme???
Asked by Tbh, R5 theme was more visible than R6, really (207.244.71.x) on March 30 2021, 11:10am
Reply on March 30 2021, 1:20pm:
    Try the color controls?
Question: Do you use recursion a lot, can you name an example usage in REAPER code (if any)?
Asked by wasereb4 (79.246.88.x) on March 28 2021, 10:34pm
Reply on March 28 2021, 10:38pm:
    Rarely, much more common is to have a stack...
Question: What feature do you still lack in REAPER and wanna future Justin to implement in? :)
Asked by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on March 28 2021, 9:49pm
Reply on March 28 2021, 10:38pm:
    Finishing VST3 bridging maybe
Question: Hey Reaper is great thing to me, and I just wanted to thank you! It was my first DAW, It really change my perspective about softwares and helped me shape my music over the years . Last year I started scripting and was one thing I had never done before(programming) and I am somehow kinda addicted to it! Even started to learn other languages is soo coooool! Making some friends in the community that is really friendly, thanks for “building” this part really well. :) :)
Asked by Aloha! (187.32.161.x) on March 28 2021, 12:45am
Reply on March 28 2021, 10:38pm:
Question: youtu.be/EPlN_ev6Qk4?t=101"Reaper is a great daw that is open source". Interesting shoutout. hmm.
Asked by ohboy (79.22.119.x) on March 27 2021, 6:19pm
Reply on March 28 2021, 12:34am:
    It's the thought that counts!
Question: Do you use notation events feature in REAPER? If yes, for which thing you use it?
Asked by Xavier word is hard to pronounce (27.58.31.x) on March 27 2021, 5:40pm
Reply on March 28 2021, 12:34am:
    Rarely :)
Question: Do you like Minecraft? Also it is possible to make entire world in it, considering time duration not taken seriously ;-)
Asked by Blocky blocks (27.58.121.x) on March 26 2021, 5:16pm
Reply on March 27 2021, 1:46pm:
    I've only played it a few times, it seemed like fun but also a huge timesink ;) Apparently it is turing-complete so yeah it should be possible to build anything it, given enough space and time
Question: What are the maximums and minimums blocks that are returned by GetMediaItemTake_Peaks? I have observed that if peakrate == samplerate then peaks[i] == peaks[num_samples+i] == samples[i] (with 'samples' being the table with the values returned by a TakeAudioAccessor of a take with no envelopes and unchanged item volume). I hope it is ok me asking about this again here. Thank you!
Asked by amagalma (91.140.103.x) on March 24 2021, 12:32pm
Reply on March 25 2021, 4:04am:
    Email is better! the peakrate vs samplerate is used to help determine when to demarcate individual samples. But seriously send an email to me (first name at company domain) :)
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Question: Is alternate cardio/running (3 days/week) & weight/stregth/resistance training (3 days/week) with 1 day (Sunday) completely off, a good workout, to reduce a bit of calorie and to make you fit?
Asked by Dieting Cookie (27.58.0.x) on March 24 2021, 8:14am
Reply on March 25 2021, 4:03am:
    Sounds good to me. I'm on a running and stretching every day schedule... today was the 57th day in a row (of 1 or more miles, though almost all of the days were 3 or more). And have some light bicycling and rowing and bodyweight strengthening happens at random intervals when I have to go somewhere or remember things I should be doing... :)
Question: How are you ?
Asked by Arlequin (212.224.229.x) on March 23 2021, 2:13pm
Reply on March 25 2021, 4:01am:
    OK considering!
Question: Do you care about shoutcast.com advertising Fox News Radio as "The best radios around!" on their frontpage or did you manage to emotionally disconnect from your old stuff?
Asked by spoiled hobo (77.182.117.x) on March 20 2021, 2:56pm
Reply on March 20 2021, 9:08pm:
    Ah that's terrible, but yeah I had to let go of that stuff a long time ago
Question: Do you dip (chocolate?) cookie into your (milky?) tea/coffee and eat it??
Asked by Choco (27.58.10.x) on March 19 2021, 4:12am
Reply on March 19 2021, 4:09pm:
    I have but not regularly
Question: Where did you buy sectigo code signing certificates?
Asked by ruchira (123.231.125.x) on March 19 2021, 2:41am
Reply on March 19 2021, 4:10pm:
Question: I want to ask a quick question about REAPER. When I freeze track, my MIDI is hidden and it renders into audio. When I unfreeze it, it revert back to MIDI. Nice feature but are you sure my MIDI won't get lost with this? I mean what if suppose I freeze 10 tracks and their MIDI got hidden and converted into audio stems. When I want to make some modification and wanted my MIDIs back, I unfreeze but let say, MIDI of only 6 tracks got back and the remaining 4 MIDIs got lost/deleted? I am just worried for my MIDIs. I badly want to use this feature because of my potato laptop and it gives me extra CPU power but then my MIDI got hidden and my heart starts beating loudly. Also, what's difference between render & freeze? In render, MIDIs are shown and audio files are right below them, but in freeze, MIDIs are hidden and only audios are shown. Is it the only difference or something else?
Asked by Confused Cookie (27.58.113.x) on March 18 2021, 3:51pm
Reply on March 18 2021, 11:59pm:
    This is absolutely not the venue to discuss this, but if having things be hidden makes you uncomfortable, save backup projects...
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Question: Hi Justin, I recall you wrote an app which can be used to compare 2 directories (including all files inside), but I can't find it. Do you still have it? (or a link). Thanks.
Asked by Dave (116.236.68.x) on March 18 2021, 1:05pm
Reply on March 18 2021, 11:59pm:
    Pathsync? Haven't touched that in 10+ years I don't think
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Question: What do you think about Behringer?
Asked by MS_from_Sweden (82.100.127.x) on March 18 2021, 1:04pm
Reply on March 19 2021, 12:00am:
    They make some good bang for the buck, but what about the cost to society? Who knows? :/
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