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Question: have you ever tried making your own musical instrument?
Asked by fundorin (78.107.207.x) on April 26 2021, 12:54am
Reply on April 29 2021, 11:41am:
    Nothing terribly musical hah
Question: What's the hardest purely techincal programming problem you worked on which challenged you the most and you eventually solved?
Asked by Justin (23.125.224.x) on April 24 2021, 8:31pm
Reply on April 25 2021, 8:20pm:
    Those things are probably like childbirth, you forget them as quickly as possible...
Question: Stock presets of REAPER effects plugins are very great. Any plan to create more presets for every plugins (especially ReaComp, ReaEQ & ReaDelay)? Also from where you guys made those? By your own or learnt from somewhere?
Asked by Presets are always present (27.58.126.x) on April 24 2021, 5:53pm
Reply on April 25 2021, 8:21pm:
    Most of them were made by various contributors on the forum.. We'll take more if prodded :)
Question: Do you plan on making any improvements to the Midi editor in Reaper again? I ask because I've owned the product for over a year and haven't seen a single feature or improvement made beside some bug fixes. There are so many requests for improvements on the forum that it doesn't seem useful to add anything new if none are being considered.
Asked by Don Preuninger (70.160.240.x) on April 24 2021, 3:06pm
Reply on April 25 2021, 1:40am:
    (see the embargo on REAPER questions above ... but yeah at some point I'm sure we will)
Question: Is Reaper actually paying the bills for you, or is it a high level hobby project?
Asked by Devon (24.224.178.x) on April 23 2021, 5:16pm
Reply on April 23 2021, 6:59pm:
    It pays the company bills, yeah ;)
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Question: OKAY, A SERIOUS SUGGESTION : you MUST definitely play Portal game series (if you didn't play them yet). They are puzzle games with a brilliant story and oh, you will adore cute robots there & their voices too ❤
Asked by Donut Boxie again, using VPN (is that okay??) (162.210.194.x) on April 23 2021, 4:29pm
Reply on April 23 2021, 6:59pm:
    Love them, especially Stephen Merchant's voice acting. Lots of fun, too. Haven't played the new mod I heard about yet though.
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Question: By reading lots of questions & answers here, I think suggested topics should be programming, music (except electronic 😂), sleep, coffee (and sometimes tea too), fitness, cycling, books, reaper-talks (except FR & BR 😄), and some movies/series. Any more things you want to include? 😛
Asked by Donut Boxie (27.58.7.x) on April 23 2021, 4:27pm
Reply on April 23 2021, 6:59pm:
    "etc" :)
Question: hey Justin. I'm just contributing fairly deep features to CSI, and wondered if you can expose the IReaperControlSurface::Run() frequency to Preferences? 30Hz is pretty low, both for fader update rates (eg. for surfaces that don't support fader interpolation, although I've just worked around that) as well as input accuracy/resolution.
Asked by DeBased (90.252.255.x) on April 22 2021, 8:30pm
Reply on April 22 2021, 9:18pm:
    You can set your own timer and run things more often if you want
Question: Hmmm, I like it that you priced REAPER as $60 and not $59.99 ;-)
Asked by Oh yeah! (27.58.120.x) on April 22 2021, 9:02am
Reply on April 22 2021, 9:18pm:
    Makes our math easier, too
Question: What's your favourite browser? Are you worried about Chromium's increasing dominance in the web-browser landscape?
Asked by PierPier (5.179.133.x) on April 21 2021, 9:55am
Reply on April 22 2021, 9:18pm:
    I tolerate browsers, can't say I have a favorite ;)
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Question: What's your Talent/Impractical Dreamer/Work Ethic/Vision/Stubbornness ratio? (0 to 10)
Asked by DarseZ (76.68.222.x) on April 20 2021, 8:12pm
Reply on April 20 2021, 8:49pm (edited at April 20 2021, 8:50pm):
    It varies, but if I have to make them sum to 10 at this moment I'm feeling like a 2/0/3/2/3 (clarifying: stubbornness can be a negative thing, hanging on to things too long, but also a good thing, hanging on too long to figure out why something that isn't necessarily needed is what it is, etc).
Question: Why don't you mention your askjf.com website under reaper.fm website? So more and more people can know about it? Maybe, under 'RESOURCES' ;-)
Asked by FS2020 IS LOVE (27.58.15.x) on April 20 2021, 4:26pm
Reply on April 20 2021, 8:50pm:
    This is certainly not a resource for REAPER users! It's useless for them!
Question: Hi Justin. Do you like any team sport? Have you played one?
Asked by michael (138.199.52.x) on April 20 2021, 11:51am
Reply on April 20 2021, 8:50pm:
    I don't watch any, I liked Ted Lasso though. And I loved playing Ultimate Frisbee as a teenager
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Question: How much do you work a day?
Asked by coding (196.240.57.x) on April 19 2021, 3:48pm
Reply on April 19 2021, 5:48pm (edited at April 19 2021, 5:49pm):
    I'd estimate that 95% of the time it is between 2 and 10 hours
Question: Do you know about the survival game 'Life After' ?
Asked by Afterlife (27.58.1.x) on April 16 2021, 5:50pm
Reply on April 17 2021, 11:12pm:
    I haven't heard of it, no. Maybe I'll look at it when FS2020 finishes downloading and then I get bored with it
Question: Is there any chance that the Reaper Stash could be made to be a little more user friendly? eg. Subfolders etc...so that people could organise their uploads more coherently, thus things like audio collaborations could be a bit easier to organise, and easier to find stuff in general. ( I feel like the more collaboration the better at the mo. A friend and some others are playing a game of musical Exquisite Corpse, and I was wondering if there was a way to do that using reaper stash in sub folders)
Asked by DomCom (82.132.237.x) on April 14 2021, 6:26am
Reply on April 14 2021, 3:22pm:
    That'd be nice but not sure if/when that'll happen
Question: I end up in slight pain during & after running. Research founds that I lack warm up & cool down. Can you tell me exercises you do before & after running?
Asked by Running & reaping (music) is all I do (27.58.28.x) on April 13 2021, 7:53am
Reply on April 13 2021, 2:14pm (edited at April 13 2021, 2:18pm):
    Heh well slight pain isn't always avoidable for me. The hard part is deciding what pain is OK and what pain isn't. I definitely go slow to warm up and cool down (and most days just go slow in general -- speed is a once in a while sort of thing). I don't usually do anything right before or after, but in the evenings these days I do a bunch of stretches and sometimes foam roller my quads/IT/hamstrings/calves at 2 minutes each (16 minutes total). And some days strengthening exercises (various, but google Myrtl Routine and that might help)
Question: Why not dual license Reaper to create an Open Source version without the proprietary components (elastique, etc.)? You wouldn't need to provide/maintain binaries, just the source for people to build it themselves.
Asked by Derren (82.25.242.x) on April 12 2021, 4:33pm
Reply on April 12 2021, 6:39pm:
    There would be no upside for us, only a headache of having to be an open source project maintainer :)
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Question: What is the purpose of Win + mouse modifiers in REAPER? They don't work after all.
Asked by Vitali (195.191.162.x) on April 12 2021, 4:22pm
Reply on April 12 2021, 6:40pm:
    No? Or you mean plain Win+ and not Win+othermod+?
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Question: You should watch Stranger Things (Netflix series).
Asked by Demogorgon (27.58.10.x) on April 12 2021, 4:19pm
Reply on April 12 2021, 6:40pm:
    Saw the first season, it was enough
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