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Question: I want to compile sws on Linux. How do I tell cmake to use WDL which I downloaded? Just copying the WDL directory to the sws directory doesn't work :/
Asked by Chris (196.240.57.x) on August 28 2021, 1:44pm
Reply on August 28 2021, 3:47pm:
    Maybe it needs to be in the right relative path? e.g. WDL/ next to sws-root?
Question: What do you think about GitHub Copilot (copilot.github.com/?
Asked by Matt (187.19.233.x) on August 27 2021, 11:48pm
Reply on August 28 2021, 3:47pm:
    If you have to sit there and analyze other people's code to make sure it's correct, maybe I don't see the point so much? Other than to greatly reduce the amount of typing, which my occasional RSI-having side probably would appreciate.
Question: Overall, has REAPER been received better or worse than you imagined when you released it?
Asked by IDDQD Sound (67.68.162.x) on August 27 2021, 8:11pm
Reply on August 28 2021, 3:45pm:
    I never really expected much, was making for myself... but I suppose at this point it's been more accepted than I anticipated! Though it's been a long, long time :)
Question: What do you think of the recent reports of Apple's photo surveillance on its devices?
Asked by rofl (23.105.140.x) on August 26 2021, 11:07pm
Reply on August 27 2021, 5:41pm:
    It's definitely the wrong direction, even if the motives are good. Once you have the ability to do something, it's hard to tell powerful governments no. :/
Question: Do you have any suggestions/links for complete tutorial for SWS extensions & ReaPack?
Asked by iPhone 12 Pro Max Ultra (77.111.247.x) on August 25 2021, 9:23am
Reply on August 25 2021, 12:46pm (edited at August 25 2021, 2:54pm):
Question: How a 14 MB REAPER installer extracts a total of 131 MB software?
Asked by Abhi (27.58.113.x) on August 25 2021, 9:16am
Reply on August 25 2021, 12:45pm:
    LZMA compression. Also we optimize for distribution size, so there are a lot of .png files which are stored in fully-uncompressed form (.png normally uses zlib compression which makes them smaller on disk, but if you store them without it, LZMA can do a better job of compressing them across multiple files).
Question: Would the elastique license, etc permit you to make vst versions of reapitch and reatune if you charged for them? I've moved over to bitwig for my music production (still use reaper for everything else) + can't find anything that compares to the featureset in those plugins.
Asked by Timmmmm (87.75.95.x) on August 24 2021, 7:08pm
Reply on August 24 2021, 8:22pm:
    I don't know, but in general we don't have an interest in making any standalone plug-ins, sorry!
Question: Hello Mr. Frankel. I just wanted to post this little message to say a big Thank You once again. I am very grateful to you for making REAPER and making it so portable, compatible and stable. Thanks for the score editor, really! The more time passes and the more I am proud to use this software on a daily basis. Thanks for being the cool, talented guy that you are. Take care of yourself ! P.S. I apologize for any displaced or uninteresting questions, messages or researches I might have done on this page. Best,
Asked by Charles, Arlequin (37.172.54.x) on August 23 2021, 1:58pm
Reply on August 24 2021, 4:06pm:
    ah thank you and you're welcome!
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Question: Me and some friends want to create an App. Have you got a good idea for it? We want money and fame, hookers and cocaine.
Asked by Mark Zuc (196.240.57.x) on August 21 2021, 4:08pm
Reply on August 22 2021, 2:50pm:
    Yeah you should run it and then it should give you money and fame and ponies
Question: Why did you named "Items" in REAPER "Items" and not "Clips"?
Asked by Questioner (82.207.238.x) on August 20 2021, 3:23pm
Reply on August 20 2021, 3:37pm:
    "media items" technically but yeah, shrug
Question: Hi, there, Justin, how are you doing? I got two questions, first one: besides working on Reaper, is there any other software (audio related or not) that you draw inspiration developing Reaper? Second one: do you have any major ideas (like the razor editing recently or even beyond) you're planning to implement on Reaper in a near future? Are you still thinking about implementing game changing features or are you just polishing Reaper for now? Thanks, take care and don't forget to drink water.
Asked by Andrew S. (179.209.136.x) on August 20 2021, 5:58am
Reply on August 20 2021, 3:18pm:
    Trying to make it make coffee, still. And yes I got dehydrated last night oops how did you know?
Question: I noticed that you guys offer a reaper SDK. How deep does it go? eg. can you mess deeply enough to add a visualization for a parametric eq to the mixer, or replace the automation editor in the timeline?
Asked by hrmmmrhm (79.34.213.x) on August 19 2021, 11:25am
Reply on August 20 2021, 4:20am:
    It's probably wider than deep
Question: What reverb Plugin do you use for ur own Mixes? What IDE or Editor do you use for developing Reaper on Linux and on Windows?
Asked by Chris (95.90.213.x) on August 18 2021, 7:37am
Reply on August 18 2021, 3:47pm:
    ReaVerbate and ReaVerb (the latter with various impulses collected over the years, most from Pipelineaudio's collections). I mostly edit with vim, build using make on Linux and VS2013 or VS2005 on Windows.
Question: Is PUBG game very popular in your country? If yes, then which version PC or mobile? Have you tried to play it someday?
Asked by Abhi (27.58.14.x) on August 18 2021, 3:40am
Reply on August 18 2021, 3:47pm:
    I don't know what it is!
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Question: Is there a way to rebuild peaks of a pcm_source through ReaScript without adding it to the project?
Asked by Nick (174.202.2.x) on August 16 2021, 10:04pm
Reply on August 17 2021, 1:50am:
    Hmm maybe not, you can via C++ but maybe I'll look into adding a reascript-callable API for that.
Question: What do you think about this: zipped-album.github.io?
Asked by fladd (92.110.122.x) on August 15 2021, 7:24pm
Reply on August 17 2021, 1:51am:
    Feels a little late maybe?
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Question: Hey, I have heard Windows 11 will be 64 bit only. Will this affect REAPER in any way? It affected when MacOS (catalina, I guess?) was all 64-bit.
Asked by Macrohard (223.177.4.x) on August 15 2021, 8:18am
Reply on August 15 2021, 1:47pm:
    It'll mean not being able to run 32-bit REAPER or 32-bit bridged plug-ins
Question: Hey Justin can you please tell me 1-2 reaper forum usernames that can help at customer service level as i had no response on email, thanks!
Asked by questi (84.247.48.x) on August 15 2021, 8:13am
Reply on August 15 2021, 1:47pm:
    No but if you emailed support and your request was reasonable you should get a response (maybe after the weekend though)
Question: Blender has been gaining momentum in the 3D world. Huge companies are starting to support it financially. This happened after Blender had significantly redesigned and improved both the user interface and forkflow. 3 years ago, nobody wanted to use it. Now everything has changed. Newbies start using Blender. Old folks are switching to it from Maya, 3D Max and Zbrush. A huge number of courses are available. Do you envy Blender's success? :)
Asked by Alex (78.107.206.x) on August 15 2021, 6:41am
Reply on August 15 2021, 1:48pm:
    No, I'm happy making a DAW that I can use :)
Question: Dear Justin! Is there a way to get an object (solo button, record, etc.) of the virtual reaper window (mcp,tcp) from a point? Maybe there is some kind of trick with WM_GETOBJECT message or somthing else ?) By using C++ extention.
Asked by Cory (185.220.100.x) on August 14 2021, 2:54pm
Reply on August 14 2021, 10:10pm:
    You can access it via accessibility APIs, yeah, but that's a pain. What are you trying to do?
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