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Question: heyjf- is there any real super cringe photos or videos of yourself that must get deleted from the interwebs as of yesterday?
Asked by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 28 2022, 10:12pm
Reply on October 29 2022, 2:52am:
    I hope not! but why yesterday?
Question: Hey Justin, bit of a 3-parter - do you have any tricks to identify mistakes in code architecture early/before they're hooked into your codebase? Do you plan your designs before implementing them? Have there been times where you've struggled with sunk costs on something that just isn't working? I may be reaching my question quota for the month haha.
Asked by jack (146.70.134.x) on October 28 2022, 1:15pm
Reply on October 29 2022, 2:52am:
    No tricks, but when architecting I usually try to define an interface (API not UI) for using something before I build the thing, then implement both sides of the interface, adjusting the interface as needed when some new facet is exposed. Sunk costs -- I have no problem throwing things away if I have something better. But I wouldn't throw anything away until the thing that is better is actually working and better. :)
Question: Are there features in Reaper, that you use such seldom, you have to look up how they work? In the manual or by watching Kenny's videos?
Asked by Mespotine (46.114.206.x) on October 28 2022, 11:41am
Reply on October 29 2022, 2:50am:
    Hmm I don't think so, but it might be because I never use them... sometimes I do look at the code to see how things are implemented, though.
Question: Is there truth?
Asked by chris (46.114.203.x) on October 27 2022, 2:41pm
Reply on October 27 2022, 11:45pm:
Question: heyaman- am using firefox (win) and every time goto open a new session,there is like a kagillion tasks now running in taskmanager.. why does that actually happen,and is there a dummyproof method to prevent it happening?
Asked by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 26 2022, 12:38pm
Reply on October 27 2022, 11:56am (edited at October 27 2022, 11:57am):
    It's probably for your benefit (security etc). googling 'firefox disable separate processes' seems to say that you can turn that off if you want, but I wouldn't.
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Question: For a program written on, and built for windows, would you still use pthreads over Win32 threads in case cross-platform builds became necessary, or just use Win32 and refactor if cross-plat becomes necessary? Thanks :)
Asked by jack (185.65.135.x) on October 24 2022, 11:02pm
Reply on October 24 2022, 11:08pm:
    There's no real difference, we use _beginthreadex() and have a tiny wrapper for non-win32
Question: Are there more Windows or Mac REAPER users?
Asked by daxliniere (51.52.72.x) on October 24 2022, 9:06pm
Reply on October 24 2022, 11:08pm:
    Windows, by far. For REAPER, Windows:Mac::Mac:Linux
Question: are you slow-walking reaper dev while you work on your record?
Asked by pups (89.187.178.x) on October 24 2022, 4:55pm
Reply on October 24 2022, 8:55pm:
    hah no my record is done, and it was recorded in tiny intervals and then I spent maybe a dozen hours finishing it
Question: Thanks for the previous HELP!!! BUT how to humanize audio & media items in the main arrangement? It seems we can only quantize them, not humanize them (like we can do both these in the MIDI editor)
Asked by HELP!!! (27.58.111.x) on October 24 2022, 10:07am
Reply on October 24 2022, 8:55pm:
    Wrong venue, but you're the human
Question: do you think nasa actually had adequate computing power/technology to send modules and men to the moon in the 60's?
Asked by 2022 (2.26.163.x) on October 21 2022, 10:47pm
Reply on October 22 2022, 2:10am:
Question: Hey Justin, how do you gauge whether something will be worth your time to learn for career/skillset advancement? I find it difficult to separate the fruit from the pith, where 99% seems to be pith- any insights?
Asked by jack (185.65.135.x) on October 21 2022, 3:26pm
Reply on October 21 2022, 6:45pm:
    I mostly learn things as needed to accomplish a particular goal; thus, if there's something I want to do and that's the way to do it, it won't be a waste of time (unless I fail...)
Question: In older versions of REAPER, there is a normalize button in item properties, and it normalize the audio with just one-click. But now in newer versions, there are a lot of normalize options. I only need the good old one. Which of the newer normalize option works same as that older normalize one?
Asked by HELP!!! (27.58.73.x) on October 21 2022, 10:56am
Reply on October 21 2022, 12:58pm:
    Set it to "Peak", 0.0dB, and "normalize each item separately" and it will behave as it always did.

    Alternatively you can use the action (default binding Ctrl+Shift+N): "Item properties: Normalize items to +0dB peak"
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Question: how do you feel towards any type of meditation practice- or just daily connections to your inner self- through focused breathing techniques or other ways? (do you find running,biking etc "meditational excercise?")
Asked by 2022 (2.26.240.x) on October 20 2022, 11:19am
Reply on October 20 2022, 12:26pm:
    Yes being in nature and exercise can totally be meditation. Running on a trail through the forest or hills is probably my favorite.
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Question: If you had to live one year in an infinite loop, until you pass away, which year would it be ?
Asked by Falafel (189.112.245.x) on October 20 2022, 6:53am
Reply on October 20 2022, 12:25pm:
    Would my actions be looped or would I have the freedom to change things and balance it? Would I remember previous year iterations? Would I remember later years too (or would I start out with my state of mind at the first time I had that year)?
Question: What happened to ten fourteen dot org?
Asked by Dan W (24.235.130.x) on October 19 2022, 12:08am
Reply on October 19 2022, 12:35am:
    what about it?
Question: is cockos a penis joke
Asked by mike s (173.70.39.x) on October 18 2022, 10:54pm
Reply on October 19 2022, 12:35am:
Question: Any coding architecture you regret doing?
Asked by Vlad (99.145.169.x) on October 18 2022, 5:06pm
Reply on October 18 2022, 7:20pm:
    Less architectural regrets, more implementation-detail regrets (e.g. using floats instead of doubles for function parameters, using doubles instead of int64 for time, etc).
Question: If you have to choose 2 data structures to use for the rest of your programming career, which would you choose? :)
Asked by jack (146.70.134.x) on October 18 2022, 4:51pm
Reply on October 18 2022, 7:21pm:
    associative arrays normal arrays, I guess?
Question: How would YOU write(syntactically) a simple add(a + b) function in JavaScript?
Asked by musicalcode (136.226.74.x) on October 18 2022, 4:24am
Reply on October 18 2022, 2:02pm:
    you mean?
    function add(a,b) {
      return a+b;
Question: Never been an Intel fan but... does it worth to opt for an Intel CPU in order to be able to use the VTune Profiler? Do you use any such related tool for software development? VC11 profiler is okay-ish but no other comparison to draw a reliable conclusion.
Asked by Gio (94.70.19.x) on October 18 2022, 4:22am
Reply on October 18 2022, 2:02pm:
    I've used the AMD tool some, but these days I'd use the profiling tools in xcode
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