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Question: hey jf- so after all the recent us congress & "whistleblower" revelations regarding the "uap" (ufo) reporting incidents... how do you feel now knowing "officially" the global population has been deceived on this topic?... does this shock you at all?...or is it all just 'meh'?
Asked by 2023 (31.49.162.x) on August 10 2023, 10:06am
Reply on August 11 2023, 4:13am:
    hmm what revelations do you speak of? Someone sent me a "uap" clip which looked like pretty much nothing so yeah please describe in the comments.
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Question: you know those band scores that show guitar/bass/drums tabs on every page, i have it in pdf and want to extract only the drum parts automatically, can AI or something do this yet, thanks
Asked by OPOP (82.102.23.x) on August 9 2023, 11:07am
Reply on August 10 2023, 6:23am:
    hah no I'd do it manually if it were me
Question: do you have some recurrent nightmare?
Asked by aaaweyy (200.146.247.x) on August 9 2023, 4:08am
Reply on August 10 2023, 6:10am:
    Nope, occasionally anxiety dreams but nothing recurring
Question: You said on your podcast with Paul Davis writing a DAW is not that hard. What's the hardest software you've written so far?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on August 8 2023, 4:09am
Reply on August 8 2023, 8:23pm:
    something being hard and being a lot of work are two different things. Writing a DAW is a pain in the ass more than it is a challenge to solve hugely difficult problems. Not sure if I can remember the hugely difficult problems I've had to solve in REAPER or elsewhere, your mind tends to forget about them after you're done
Question: When schwa started at Cockos, did you meet him face to face and do you still do or is it all online communication?
Asked by wasereb4 (87.167.82.x) on August 7 2023, 10:13pm
Reply on August 8 2023, 8:24pm:
    Yeah we met in person a number of times and still do get together in person periodically
Question: i admire how productive the cockos team is with REAPER while still interacting with users. on top of that, you continue to make music and share it online. besides being smart/creative, this requires a high degree of pragmatism + confidence (opposite of perfectionism basically). were you always this way? or can you think of any 'ah-ha' moments that clicked for you mindset wise, that influenced your approach to work/art..life??
Asked by dylan (124.170.114.x) on August 7 2023, 12:05am
Reply on August 8 2023, 8:24pm:
    Shrug... pragmatism is definitely a good thing, in moderation!
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Question: How does one use WDL's AudioBufferContainer?
Asked by olilarkin (91.65.137.x) on August 6 2023, 9:49pm
Reply on August 6 2023, 10:12pm:
    It's not really used by us anymore, so it might have some bitrot...
Question: hey jf- #if you had another digit on each hand...would you be able to type/compute faster,or, play the guitar & drums with an extra level of twang,crash & bang?
Asked by 2023 (31.52.158.x) on August 4 2023, 11:42pm
Reply on August 5 2023, 8:31pm:
    there would be some interesting chords for the guitar for sure! typing I don't think it would help much though.
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Question: Hi Justin, I love Reaper and it's basic/efficient and minimalistic (default dialog boxes, no fluff, etc). Keep up the great work and thanks!
Asked by Yupala (88.180.33.x) on August 4 2023, 1:21pm
Reply on August 4 2023, 4:28pm:
Question: Hi Justin, what would you ballpark the percentage likelihood of there being nicer looking dialog boxes on Windows in a production Reaper build in the next 3 years? Reaper looks so much better on Mac but I primarily use it on Windows. Would love to have theme-able dialogs or just some general improvements.
Asked by Chris (173.70.123.x) on August 3 2023, 7:19pm
Reply on August 4 2023, 4:28pm:
    Low, probably
Question: congrats for reaper v7!. I hope this is the version where you finally remove MIDI completely!
Asked by daniel (181.117.92.x) on August 3 2023, 5:19am
Reply on August 4 2023, 4:28pm:
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Question: Have you read any manga in your life? I just read Blame! and it's preeeety great, not much dialogue, very visual and cyber distopian, incredible spaces and architecture
Asked by Killy (187.213.36.x) on August 2 2023, 11:42pm
Reply on August 4 2023, 4:28pm:
    Not really no
Question: How often do you look at emitted compiler results these days?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on August 2 2023, 2:52pm
Reply on August 2 2023, 3:36pm:
    Not very often!
Question: what is the hobby/non-work-activity you are spending most of your time right now?
Asked by whow (177.191.5.x) on August 2 2023, 6:22am
Reply on August 2 2023, 3:36pm:
    Probably a tie between walking/hiking and reading Death's End...
Question: hey JF.. not sure if you know (or care) but i just saw an interview with Iron Maiden FOH guy Pooch, he mentioned they use Reaper to multitrack all their gigs and use PT for just stereo recordings. lol... youtube.com/watch?v=R5F0BEHedvc&t=593s
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.0.x) on August 1 2023, 9:57am
Reply on August 1 2023, 4:54pm:
    nice thanks for the link!
Question: hey jf- have you any serious/ fun ninjam (or other live stream services) jams or play alongs with schwa playing together? (isnt he an accomplished musician as well??)
Asked by 2023 (31.52.158.x) on July 31 2023, 6:49pm
Reply on August 1 2023, 4:54pm:
    I forget if there are any newer ninjams but the last schwa jam in my music.1014.org archive is from 2010 hah
Question: Any news for REAPER 7?
Asked by SeVeN (106.215.58.x) on July 31 2023, 3:32pm
Reply on July 31 2023, 3:40pm:
    Not here! ;)
Question: Do you have some "hardware" projects (in a broader sense) beside your software projects?
Asked by Chris (46.114.229.x) on July 31 2023, 3:06pm
Reply on July 31 2023, 3:16pm:
    Not at the moment. If you mean a very much broader sense, the last thing I did was make some shelves for a couple of closets...
Question: Do you ever tried reading on kindle or another tablet ? Do you prefer books ?
Asked by JustinNotFrankel (189.112.49.x) on July 31 2023, 10:24am
Reply on July 31 2023, 3:17pm:
    Currently reading the third Three Body Problem book on a kindle... went out of my way to buy it DRM-free though. Hard to beat the convenience of the kindle, but actual books are appealing in general.
Question: Hi. Some of us just found out that on MacOS gfx.init isn't required for gfx.showmenu to work. Could you clarify why that is and if possible maybe consider allowing this on Windows and other OS as well for aesthetic reasons because in this case gfx.init displays a gfx window which serves no practical purpose? This difference between OS was discovered in the thread t=280658
Asked by Buy One (23.106.56.x) on July 31 2023, 6:54am
Reply on July 31 2023, 3:18pm:
    Ah heh, oversight, will look into it.
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