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Question: hey jf- was you aware "breakdancing" is to be included in next years olympics? .. does that interest you at all? (we always loved this form of movement think this was well overdue!)
Asked by 2023 (109.149.174.x) on August 24 2023, 8:37pm
Reply on August 25 2023, 5:01pm:
    It's impressive but I can't say I've ever been particularly interested in it.
Question: Who do you want for next president?
Asked by Lisp (186.210.94.x) on August 24 2023, 5:38pm
Reply on August 24 2023, 6:25pm:
    Sigh someone kind and not a million years old sounds good
Question: Do you have any songs where the lyrics are easy to understand? It all sounds like Radiohead
Asked by Jesse (74.105.72.x) on August 24 2023, 3:48pm
Reply on August 24 2023, 5:30pm:
    Understand as in transcribe the words or as in understand the meaning?
Question: Hi! I'm exploring how to become a 1 or 2 man band with Reaper. For guitar I'm interested in routing to an FRFR active cab, and I'm curious whether I can also route a bass to the same cab if it's a 2x12 instead of 1x12. For drums, I have a single loud speaker for an e-drum set and I'll probably start with that. Do you have any opinions to share on this? I'm also curious what you're using for your guitar tones in Not Vampires. It sounds great!
Asked by Chip (130.41.86.x) on August 23 2023, 2:40pm
Reply on August 24 2023, 5:33pm:
    I don't know much about active cabs... For passive cabs, many 2x12 cabs will have separate inputs for each speaker, optionally, though they'll often be specific about the impedance in this case. Anyway I think you'll have a lot of options! For the NV sessions we have a couple of amps we use, a Fender Hotrod Deluxe I think, and a ZT Lunchbox (with a cheapo Bugera cab)... and some pedalboards :)
Question: Hey man! How are you doing? Hows your life since winamp dropped?
Asked by Dejan (212.8.253.x) on August 23 2023, 8:29am
Reply on August 24 2023, 5:33pm:
    Hah it goes too fast!
Question: Do you have any suggestions on how to detect a doorbell ring sound on an ESP32 microcontroller with a microphone module?
Asked by Jesse (74.105.72.x) on August 22 2023, 1:52am
Reply on August 22 2023, 12:57pm (edited at August 22 2023, 12:58pm):
    Probably do a windowed FFT and look for a lot of activity in the frequency bin that corresponds with the bell, and see if it's above a certain threshold above the sum of the rest of the bins? Alternatively you could multiply the signal with a sinewave and cosinewave of the doorbell frequency, summing, and look for a large sum of absolute values there, or something...
Question: whats your opinion of this... youtube.com/watch?v=fVp88d3BH0k&t=2s
Asked by EcBaPr (119.18.0.x) on August 21 2023, 1:42pm
Reply on August 21 2023, 2:27pm:
Question: If you had to choose between a Duesenberg Paloma and their Caribou, which one would you pick (and which colour)?
Asked by StringPling (77.12.127.x) on August 20 2023, 4:09pm
Reply on August 21 2023, 12:23am:
    Mmm both look nice. If I had to pick at this moment, I'd probably go with the Caribou for the semi-hollowness, in Black.
Question: Hey Justin, I have a question (4, actually) regarding the user interface in Reaper on Windows. Why does the UI look like in Win98? Why is there no dark mode support? Are there any concrete plans to change something about it? And if not, which would be a shame, why not?
Asked by sinus well (202.71.146.x) on August 19 2023, 9:00pm
Reply on August 19 2023, 9:24pm:
    Because MS makes things difficult, blame them.
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Question: Was starting reaper a "major shift" in your life, like a project that you can just hold on to and it removes annoying existential questions? If so, was it hard to convince yourself not to give up? Asking for a friend who is desperate about what to do with his time :).
Asked by a longer name (31.37.8.x) on August 19 2023, 3:58pm
Reply on August 19 2023, 9:24pm:
    It's been fun and interesting. If you're using the thing you're making it's easy to stay interested
Question: hey jf- any idea how much space/bandwidth does all your web pages/servers currently take? (reaper forum...stash etcetc)
Asked by 2023 (31.49.162.x) on August 18 2023, 5:22pm
Reply on August 19 2023, 1:38am:
    storage we have a couple hundred GB allocated, not sure how much is free space though... bandwidth, I dunno a few TB a month maybe? (guessing, I don't look much)
Question: How long did the first version of reaper take to develop?
Asked by Thx 1138 (173.24.9.x) on August 16 2023, 10:54pm
Reply on August 17 2023, 3:59pm:
    Started working on it in September 2005 roughly, 0.40 was in December 2005, 1.0 was August 2006.
Question: Have you ever had any desire to get into making an app for phones?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on August 16 2023, 4:02am
Reply on August 16 2023, 4:43pm:
    I've made a few things for personal use but the whole ecosystems are meh no thanks
Question: hey justin! I noticed that calling params->rescan(host, CLAP_PARAM_RESCAN_ALL); from a CLAP plugin doesn't retrigger the rescan of the count of parameters. Is this a bug in REAPER or am I doing something wrong in my plugin? Thanks and all the best!
Asked by frabert (95.239.62.x) on August 14 2023, 8:58pm
Reply on August 14 2023, 10:01pm:
    It should work, do you not see us call count() or get_info()/get_value() during that call? Send me an email (justin at cockos etc)
Question: Idc if this is a forum ? All I did just now was add a track while others were on the project. I muted the others, and added a track, that's it. The recording on the previous track magically appeared in the track I was just about to record. Wtf? Huh?
Asked by Aitch (67.174.40.x) on August 13 2023, 6:13am
Reply on August 14 2023, 2:23am:
    If you can reproduce post instructions + a .gif on the forum, not here.
Question: Do you have some other thoughts on Reaper V7? Like, are there any plans from seven on, a more focused mindset on something or trying to go somewhere, or is it an it's a just flowing thing? The community certaintly helps the boat go but where is the captain looking at?
Asked by jeff (187.213.52.x) on August 13 2023, 5:54am
Reply on August 14 2023, 2:23am (edited at August 14 2023, 2:24am):
    Lots of stuff that is awesome! YEAH! Seriously though see the note above.
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Question: hey jf- these terms "luck"..."get lucky" "we got lucky" "lucky dip" etcetc... what does this word "luck" actually mean to you?? is it all really random chaotic / just_by_ chance happenings..or,some kind of pre_mapped, pre_determined outcomes as 1 proceeds through life?? ta.
Asked by 2023 (31.49.162.x) on August 12 2023, 6:31pm
Reply on August 13 2023, 2:21am:
    There are plenty of things that are random and out of your control, but lots of things you can do to affect your odds.
Question: I purchased REAPER license when v5.0 was on its last legs and got next two versions covered. Was that a kind of a campaign or is this always the case that a licence purchased at the very end of one version will apply to next two versions?
Asked by User (198.16.66.x) on August 12 2023, 5:30pm
Reply on August 13 2023, 2:22am:
    Did you? I forget what we did then. Anyway the point of our "two major versions" scheme is that worst case you get a few years of updates. So if someone buys a license at 6.81, they get any remaining 6.x versions and all 7.x versions, which is plenty.
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Question: is it possible to incorporate a floating point bit depth less than 32 fp? like 24bit fp? i like the flexibility of floating point but its really expensive storage wise when working multichannel
Asked by mike s (162.247.74.x) on August 11 2023, 6:46pm
Reply on August 12 2023, 3:12pm (edited at August 12 2023, 4:01pm):
    storage is cheap!

    You could use WavPack in one of the FP modes with a raised noise floor, e.g. 32 bit FP -120dB floor. This has a lot of the benefits of FP but also will compress well
Question: I consider Reaper to be the best DAW for composing object-oriented music (I worked with Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Boulez). I want to create a ministructure of 8 to 32 loudspeakers to allow the composer to work on the spatialization of objects without the need for an auditorium. My question is twofold: are you interested in the project? Can you advise me or help me to carry out this project? If yes I thank you to answer by mail. Best Regards,
Asked by Bernard DURR (92.167.96.x) on August 10 2023, 2:49pm
Reply on August 11 2023, 4:14am:
    Thanks! I'm probably not the best person to help you but good luck
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