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Question: Would an interesting project for you be to explore the possibilities of using the GPU for certain tasks? Like for example monitoring with almost zero latency. (GPU.Audio comes to mind) Like as an option to run reaper tracks on the GPU.
Asked by mlprod (104.28.31.x) on January 25 2024, 1:30pm
Reply on January 25 2024, 11:08pm:
    In general GPUs are not low-latency, they are high throughput though. Anyway, not really, it'd be mostly headache work.
Question: Why don't JSFXs don't have/need a filename extension?
Asked by wasereb4 (83.135.15.x) on January 25 2024, 12:51am
Reply on January 25 2024, 3:49am:
    originally they were on a dedicated jesusonic processor where the only files in the Effects path were jsfx anyway
Question: Would you consider making askjf / 1014 more mobile friendly, viewport/responsive wise? I'd imagine many of us hit them on the shitter. 🤣
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 24 2024, 4:19pm
Reply on January 24 2024, 4:36pm:
    That's bad for you, definitely can't support that.
Question: Salutations brother J, I'm just about to record a thing (on my screen, with licecap) and the workflow I envisaged was to pick the app to record. I perused for "licecap arguments" but see none. Could this be added? Ideally the pid or image name eg %reap% or maybe also the nth instance with %reap% 3 or some other identifier...or even just pos and size and autorec for handsfree 'rec'ing... what do you reckon? THANKS!
Asked by Jonny (82.19.103.x) on January 24 2024, 1:51pm
Reply on January 24 2024, 4:37pm:
    LICEcap is all about having the window movable etc and not having to plan the app/window/etc... there are other tools out there that do what you want
Question: Why did Dmitry get literally anything? I would imagine you didn't do so out of charity. Had you setup a company with him? Why would you owe him a penny?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 23 2024, 2:30am
Reply on January 23 2024, 7:19am:
    Litigation is time consuming, expensive, and unpleasant.
Question: i installed quickbooks from 2013 and when i try open it on windows 11 it says "this version of quickbooks requires Microsoft internet explorer 6.0 (or later) . Do you know any way i can make this work? Thanks
Asked by Fergs (217.138.221.x) on January 22 2024, 11:25pm
Reply on January 23 2024, 7:20am:
    I run mine in a Windows XP VM, but it's even older. Maybe try it in a Win7 VM?
Question: hey jf- with reaper,which video export options would you highly recommend for either 5.1 or 7.1 surround mixes?? (win10 os) ta.
Asked by 2024 (31.54.122.x) on January 22 2024, 7:11pm
Reply on January 23 2024, 7:20am:
    Probably would use WMF, beyond that I dunno.
Question: Is Brennan still offline?
Asked by ruchira (123.231.106.x) on January 22 2024, 4:51pm
Reply on January 22 2024, 5:04pm:
    afaik he's a passive internet user
Question: Steve Duda, serum vst developer spoke of his idea of having an impact on an industry in a more macro way. Like with serum, so many artists have used this vst and it has changed the industry to some extent, what are your thoughts of reaper and how it influences the industry.
Asked by Cale (102.182.45.x) on January 21 2024, 8:14pm
Reply on January 21 2024, 11:59pm:
    URL to his speech? I don't really think about influencing industries, just making stuff people find really useful!
Question: Why did you not give Dmitry his share of profit after selling winamp to AOL since it was inspired from his idea of MACAMP? (And winamp would not have been possible without MACAMP)
Asked by Karan (76.191.25.x) on January 21 2024, 5:08am
Reply on January 21 2024, 11:58pm (edited at January 22 2024, 12:49am):
    Two things -- one, I was very much into programming software for playing music on computers long before I met Dmitry (and before mp3 existed). See e.g. DACE on my old code section of my site. Anyway, while Winamp might not have existed in the same form as it did had it not had MacAMP as inspiration, I without any doubt would've made Windows mp3 playback software around that time period.

    Two: we were friends, working on our own projects. Then he got a job at some aerospace company, moved to Seattle, got really into the rave scene there, and we lost touch. I worked on Winamp for years. What made it successful was the process of development, getting feedback from users, improving things, and making it all really interesting. (e.g. skins, visualizations, lots of playlisting functionality, a good community, etc).

    "his share of the profit" -- what would be the appropriate share? I didn't hear from him after he went out of touch until after we sold. I can't speak to what happened after we sold, as I still honor the confidentiality terms we agreed to, while apparently he does not.

    TL;DR: at the end of the day, Winamp was what it was because of those of us (me, Tom, Rob, Rex, and my father) who spent tons of time on it, and Dmitry ended up getting more than (IMO) he earned.
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Question: which country or island would you visit in Europe for February/March months? Thanks
Asked by Poeio (195.146.4.x) on January 20 2024, 11:19pm
Reply on January 21 2024, 11:47pm:
    Hmm these days I'd probably choose somewhere on the warmer side, maybe southern Italy?
Question: "Do you find more interest in the intricacies and process of programming, or are you primarily motivated by the final product and its applications?"
Asked by deep (162.195.121.x) on January 20 2024, 7:18pm
Reply on January 21 2024, 11:46pm:
    I like the process, and I like using the result. Which I find more interesting probably depends on the particular thing being worked on. Some things are more interesting to work on than use, other things are more interesting to use than to make.
Question: hey jf- if we upload a silent video to ytube..the nerd stats give a reading of - "content loudness -9986.0 db" lolwut?! any clues to them numbers?? ta.
Asked by 2024 (31.54.122.x) on January 18 2024, 11:44pm
Reply on January 19 2024, 2:23am:
    Well, it would be -inf dB, technically, but I think the way LUFS works is it sorts volume into bins and does a histogram of them, ignoring certain sections or something, so probably whatever algorithm they have has some lower limit. Either that or it takes log(peak_amplitude) and then clamps it to something. Shrug.
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Question: Have you considered the possibility of turning the REAPER engine into a library to be able to use it with a 3rd party UI? I'd say the current UI is not really user-friendly and it has many little quirks that haven't been addressed in years (like showing/hiding only a specific side of the docker). I understand that you focus on the features you want and you have limited resources. It's your project and your right to do whatever you want, after all. But I'd definitely work on an alternative vector-based UI, i
Asked by Anton (46.242.121.x) on January 18 2024, 10:12pm
Reply on January 18 2024, 11:05pm:
    Meh, no fun in that. We'll keep improving/extending the API though.
Question: Do you miss the old internet without all those garden walls?
Asked by Sunblister (77.182.57.x) on January 16 2024, 10:58pm
Reply on January 17 2024, 1:13am:
    I try to stay out of private gardens
Question: Your wiki says you graduated HS with a 2.9 GPA. Is that true? Did you not care about class?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on January 16 2024, 3:45pm
Reply on January 16 2024, 4:48pm (edited at January 16 2024, 4:54pm):
    lol looks like it was edited August 25 2021... the older version is closer to the truth.
Question: For a long time been wanting to find out if after the license import into REAPER on Windows anything gets written into the registry. Someone said nothing does otherwise portable install couldn't be portable. Are they right?
Asked by Curious (2.58.194.x) on January 12 2024, 9:19pm
Reply on January 13 2024, 5:00pm:
    They are correct
Question: hey jf- do you find any users still using "rewire".. which has for long time now been made obsolete by the initial developers? what does its purpose serve these days in reaper?
Asked by 2024 (31.54.122.x) on January 12 2024, 12:09am
Reply on January 12 2024, 1:41am:
    I'm sure people do, yeah!
Question: What do you think of the idea of a plugin format that is portable, i.e. could also be saved with the respective project? Of course, this would only work with free or free plugins. For example, I'm thinking of having a "VST" directory in my Reaper project and simply dropping DLL files into it, which Reaper then loads. But not as a DLL but something really portable. Greetings!
Asked by Stefan (84.148.176.x) on January 11 2024, 9:06pm
Reply on January 12 2024, 1:41am:
    Hmm like JSFX? ;)
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Question: do you like Metallica?
Asked by human (195.201.169.x) on January 10 2024, 9:14am
Reply on January 10 2024, 3:20pm:
    They're ok but not high on my list of bands I listen to.
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