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Question: Hey Justin, what would be your suggestion for the best way to learn how to develop plugins from scratch? YouTube, Books, Websites, School? I think I'm having decision paralysis
Asked by JH Music (76.168.111.x) on March 14 2024, 3:07am
Reply on March 14 2024, 4:29am:
    It's always hard to know the answer to this kind of question, the only way I've experienced is one that is long and thus probably not what I would recommend! I'd say start with the VST3 SDK examples and go from there...
Question: Software architecture for multi-threaded GUI: back when you were designing REAPER projects would it make sense performance-wise for a threaded msg_loop where its thread was associated with an instance of main dialog? Leaving ``tab switch'' to the operating system similar to how IE was working back then.
Asked by Gio (94.70.0.x) on March 14 2024, 1:46am
Reply on March 14 2024, 4:29am:
    Multithreading UI seems completely unnecessary to me and would make things a lot more difficult!
Question: Is reaper compiled using Clang for windows?
Asked by Ruchira (123.231.104.x) on March 13 2024, 2:56pm
Reply on March 13 2024, 8:42pm:
    Nope, vc/icc
Question: Hey jf, have you a german origin?
Asked by Ombiasy (197.149.29.x) on March 12 2024, 6:17am
Reply on March 13 2024, 6:43am:
    Maybe somewhere in there but mostly Romanian I think
Question: hey jf- so decimals.. if we use a calculator to show a monetary value of 1cent or penny (0.01) & multiply that by itself...why do we get a "lower" value than we began with? (answers on a postcard please!) LOL
Asked by 2024 (86.185.121.x) on March 8 2024, 12:36pm
Reply on March 9 2024, 12:10am:
    if you take 1% of 1%, you get 0.01%...
Question: What's your opinion on the trend towards closed ecosystems, especially "hub apps" in music tech like Native Access, Splice, UVI Workstation and all the DRM management stuff?
Asked by SpoiledHobo (77.12.4.x) on March 6 2024, 1:46pm
Reply on March 6 2024, 6:54pm:
    Big thumbs down, obviously. Computers should be about giving power and flexibility to the users. This is part of why I'm very anti-app-store when it comes to distribution.
Question: If you compare the past and present, how has the process of making software known worldwide changed? Winamp was known worldwide back then. Did it work by word of mouth? And has that changed with Reaper? Greetings
Asked by Stefan (84.160.46.x) on March 6 2024, 9:15am
Reply on March 6 2024, 6:55pm:
    Hard to say, I think good stuff spreads by word of mouth, just takes time. REAPER's userbase has grown a lot more slowly than Winamp's did, probably because it has taken a lot longer to develop, came to a market that was both a lot smaller and already very full of other DAWs. If you make a great app that does something new that a lot of people want to do, I imagine it won't take long to find a lot of users.
Question: apart from real drums, would you use superior drummer 3 or which software? thanks!
Asked by Peteirr (162.243.121.x) on March 5 2024, 12:45pm
Reply on March 5 2024, 11:58pm:
    Whatever works, really!
Question: Have you seen the new DAW Blockhead by colugo? It's very unique and interesting.
Asked by Ryan (119.18.1.x) on March 5 2024, 4:59am
Reply on March 5 2024, 11:58pm:
    Just the youtube intro video
Question: Is it possible to turn off anti-aliasing on the Winamp 2.95 playlist? The other text looks crisp.
Asked by Jesse (100.8.74.x) on March 4 2024, 3:54pm
Reply on March 5 2024, 11:58pm:
    There's probably an option to use the old bitmapped font in there somewhere
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Question: Why don't you learn synths & enhance your music skills? No time for it? Or virtual instruments aren't cup of your coffee?
Asked by Abhi (27.58.105.x) on March 4 2024, 7:12am
Reply on March 5 2024, 11:57pm:
    Finite time and guitar is more fun! I have a Nord synth which I love playing though but I only give it a little bit of attention
Question: Don't you want to work a bit harder on improving Reaper's MIDI soon?
Asked by Jason (91.165.163.x) on March 2 2024, 1:04pm
Reply on March 5 2024, 11:57pm:
    See above disclaimer
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Question: Have you used all the three things : HTML, CSS & Javascript in making this askjf website?
Asked by The Script (122.172.7.x) on February 29 2024, 4:03pm
Reply on February 29 2024, 5:33pm:
    there is very little javascript in the askjf site, the common header code at the top of this has a tiny bit, that's about it I think?
Question: How much is your aws bill
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on February 28 2024, 9:57pm
Reply on February 29 2024, 3:50am:
    it varies but around $1k/mo
Question: hey jf- if you have a spare 3.5hrs? & like a 'story' with a happier ending.? or rather, a brighter beginning ! ( youtu.be/a1kespVSrfY?feature=shared) from: a friend of a friend. =)
Asked by 2024 (86.185.121.x) on February 27 2024, 3:21pm
Reply on February 28 2024, 5:07am:
    hah don't think I do at the moment
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Question: does the internal version of iPlug support linux ?
Asked by wishes4iplug (199.188.121.x) on February 27 2024, 4:00am
Reply on February 28 2024, 5:08am:
    not sure what "the internal version of iPlug" would be. The Rea* plugins in REAPER don't use iPlug.
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Question: what is the name of the web host you are using for reaper?
Asked by Ruchira (123.231.121.x) on February 26 2024, 2:30pm
Reply on February 26 2024, 3:57pm (edited at February 26 2024, 3:58pm):
    We use AWS for most things, and a few other providers for some things.
Question: Still wearing a mask? if not,why not? ta.
Asked by 2024 (86.185.121.x) on February 23 2024, 12:43pm
Reply on February 23 2024, 7:17pm:
    In a lot of (most) places for sure
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Question: Reunion Tours (this time - Kaizers Orchestra): yay or nay, "I wanna see it again" or "It's never be going to be as good as it was"?
Asked by SpoiledHobo (93.129.131.x) on February 22 2024, 3:44pm
Reply on February 22 2024, 10:31pm:
    Don't know them, but I did see a Temple of the Dog reunion show when they were on tour and it was amazing. Though I was exhausted (unrelated to the show) and didn't stay for the encore, which I later regretted.
Question: What your thoughts on Caustic 3? I used to make cool sounds on it using the synthesizers that it came with. It's a neat application. Now I use Reaper.
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on February 22 2024, 1:32pm
Reply on February 22 2024, 10:32pm:
    Not familiar with it!
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