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Question: Hey, what kinda music are you into nowadays? How much time do you spend playing music?
Asked by Rano (146.196.45.x) on April 2 2024, 2:47pm
Reply on April 2 2024, 5:47pm:
    I've been really digging Idles. And all of the old favorites too. Time spent playing music varies week to week and month to month, but I enjoy it.
Question: Have you seen this post re:darkmode, on the forum? forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?p=...
Asked by Dom64 (82.132.212.x) on April 1 2024, 11:59pm
Reply on April 2 2024, 2:37am:
    Nice, I hadn't
Question: Do you work together with schwa to solve a same problem or do you work separately on different problems?
Asked by Jo24 (91.165.163.x) on April 1 2024, 7:10pm
Reply on April 1 2024, 7:17pm:
    It depends on how the problem relates to our respective areas of expertise: sometimes we collaborate on problems, other times we deal with them completely separately.
Question: hey jf- did you take note of ytubes updated terms about "altered content"? & do you see any reason to be #alarmed by any of these new terms?
Asked by 2024 (81.131.121.x) on April 1 2024, 6:20pm
Reply on April 1 2024, 7:18pm:
    I hadn't seen this, thanks for the heads-up! Looks like a good policy for them to have.
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Question: Is the whole ninjam codebase covered by GPLv2? There's a confusing ninjam/license.txt file stating a custom license agreement but it's not clear what this applies to.
Asked by cbix (89.0.31.x) on March 30 2024, 2:27pm
Reply on March 30 2024, 2:53pm:
    ah thanks, I will remove that ninjam/license.txt -- it is all GPLv2
Question: When you're running, do you think about the REAPER code? Do you have any new ideas that come to mind at that moment? :)
Asked by robert (2.7.2.x) on March 29 2024, 12:31pm
Reply on March 29 2024, 6:16pm:
    Sometimes, usually it's more a problem-solving sort of thing rather than new ideas, but new ideas have also happened.
Question: I am currently designing a custom game engine and I have taken inspiration from Reaper for it's modular architecture. I was wondering if I should create a custom plugin architecture for the engine modules or just use dlopen() and LoadLibraryA with compatibility stubs? Thanks in advance.
Asked by Matthew (76.37.54.x) on March 27 2024, 11:58pm
Reply on March 29 2024, 12:20pm:
    Whatever works really!
Question: Are you programming for cache? What's your idea about data oriented programming?
Asked by Ruchira (123.231.105.x) on March 27 2024, 6:12pm
Reply on March 29 2024, 12:20pm:
    Cache considerations in performance sensitive code are definitely a thing!
Question: hey jf- have you tested any of the brand virtual headsets & will you be walking or running around the city with any on soon? :D
Asked by 2024 (81.131.121.x) on March 27 2024, 10:17am
Reply on March 27 2024, 5:44pm:
    I tried one of the Apple ones, it was simultaneously amazing and also a long way from being something I would use. Maybe in a few generations…
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Question: What are you coding tools (OS, text editor/IDE, pipeline, etc.)?
Asked by someone (89.187.187.x) on March 24 2024, 8:00pm
Reply on March 24 2024, 9:40pm:
    OS: whichever, usually macOS out of convenience (M1 MBA is light and the battery lasts forever). vim for text editing, and preferred build tool is make (though I'll use a VS version 2013-2022, or Xcode as needed for those platforms). For release REAPER builds we use gcc 4.x for linux, xcode12 for macOS universal, Xcode9+ICC for macOS intel, and VC2005+ICC for Windows.
Question: can't you swing triplets? or its only for eight note/16ths etc?
Asked by Eieri (192.241.159.x) on March 23 2024, 10:00pm
Reply on March 24 2024, 4:43am:
    In REAPER anyway it's only for 8ths/16ths but I dunno
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Question: How much hours do you sleep, do you see any correlation between how good you rest and work/exercise productivity?
Asked by 19781546 (186.210.25.x) on March 22 2024, 12:26am
Reply on March 24 2024, 4:43am:
    I prefer 9-10 hours, not sure if I've analyzed correlations but I definitely feel terrible when I don't get enough sleep.
Question: hey jf- "Free Palestine"? how do you feel about all these conflicting views between people?
Asked by 2024 (81.131.121.x) on March 20 2024, 10:05pm
Reply on March 21 2024, 5:57pm (edited at March 24 2024, 4:15am):
    That conversation is full of tragedies, including the most minor which is that you can't really have a civil discussion about it on the internet without people yelling names at you. Sigh.

    (as evidenced by the commenters, again, disabled comments, double sigh)
Question: Hey Justin, how can I get in touch with you? Check iris.la
Asked by Lidia (31.61.228.x) on March 20 2024, 3:53pm
Reply on March 21 2024, 5:56pm:
    You can email me at my first name and company name dot com.
Question: At our age, something is always hurting. What's currently hurting on your body?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on March 19 2024, 4:22am
Reply on March 19 2024, 7:49pm:
    My glutes pretty much always hurt these days, though it is worse when they get a lot of use.
Question: Are you aware of the latest(?) change in the VST3 SDK license no longer containing an exception for existing hosts to host VST2 plugins? kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p...What are your thoughts, will that affect REAPER?
Asked by wasereb4 (95.90.211.x) on March 19 2024, 12:40am
Reply on March 19 2024, 7:50pm:
    Yeah that's pretty old I think?
Question: Hi, how can I use Winamp on my Mac ? I can't open the app because it constantly crashes, saying that it closed unexpectedly.
Asked by Elijah (86.192.68.x) on March 18 2024, 8:38pm
Reply on March 18 2024, 8:46pm:
    Are you running Windows in Parallels or something? Or is there a mac version you're trying to run? Anyway Winamp isn't something I've touched in about 20 years so I'm probably not the best person to ask.
Question: Hey justin, don't you think that AI will make all daws obsolete? Can Reaper adapt to this?
Asked by Robert (2.7.2.x) on March 15 2024, 9:38pm
Reply on March 17 2024, 3:34am:
    We'll see, lol
Question: hey jf- do you have any fears or concerns about being cloned or replicated either physically or virtually?
Asked by 2024 (86.155.70.x) on March 14 2024, 2:49pm
Reply on March 15 2024, 5:54pm:
    Not really, no. Raises all sorts of interesting questions for sure, but I can't say I'm concerned. Did you read the Neal Stephenson novel "Fall" ?
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Question: Why it is compulsory to make at least one public class in Java, whereas there is no needed to make a class in C++?
Asked by Abhi (106.215.121.x) on March 14 2024, 6:14am
Reply on March 15 2024, 5:55pm:
    I don't do a lot of Java but my memory is that Java doesn't have a main() function (as C/C++ do), but a main class instead?
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