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Question: It's possible to create hudden water marks on digital images. I think that would be possible with audio too. Could we? Should we?
Asked by Ian the The (165.225.94.x) on April 22 2024, 11:41am
Reply on April 22 2024, 2:47pm:
    It is definitely possible and already done regularly afaik. Could/should, meh? I wouldn't bother.
Question: When did you first start being interested in birds and how many species have you seen? Completely different tack, have you tried a Moka pot/Bialetti for coffee? I've been traveling in Italy recently and I don't know if I'll be able to go back to the French Press, the moka pot is just so much better.
Asked by Mark Y (93.45.64.x) on April 22 2024, 8:54am
Reply on April 22 2024, 2:46pm:
    Decades ago I had a little interest and bought a nice 400mm lens, then I forgot about it until recently, after having moved near Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Also a few years ago I was on the coast in California and appreciated some of the birds there (Godwits and Wimbrels and such). Not really keeping track of the counts, but probably (guessing) 15 in Prospect Park so far...

    Re: moka pot, yeah, I've used them. I feel like every few years my tastes change and I go a different route. But I like all coffee (though I prefer not-too-dark roasts).
Question: Can I use reaper for free for my songs on streaming platforms? I have a small audience
Asked by southxavyy (176.221.125.x) on April 21 2024, 6:22am
Reply on April 21 2024, 4:26pm:
    If you produce them all within the 60-day evaluation period, yeah! ;)
Question: Do you think you'll ever produce another project / program that recaptures the spirit of the late 90s early 2000s?
Asked by Jesse (100.8.74.x) on April 19 2024, 11:22pm
Reply on April 21 2024, 1:20am:
    Hah I dunno no plans
Question: hey jf- do you think modern societies are putting too much emphasis on "individuals" rather than actual local or global "communities" these days? (do you feel a real part of any local or national community for eg) ta.
Asked by 2024 (81.151.173.x) on April 19 2024, 9:33pm
Reply on April 21 2024, 1:21am:
    I dunno, communities are composed of individuals. The communities I'm a part of are self-organizing and not purely geographic.
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Question: Hi Justin! Would you mind describing exactly how JSFX resolves its imports? It seems to search fx folder recursively, but also ignores path "part" that doesn't exist? Thanks :)
Asked by Souf (37.166.128.x) on April 17 2024, 11:30am
Reply on April 17 2024, 1:32pm (edited at April 17 2024, 1:33pm):
    If you specify a relative_path, e.g a/b/c.jsfx-inc: it first looks for path_of_calling_code/a/b/c.jsfx-inc, then path_of_calling_code/b/c.jsfx-inc then path_of_calling_code/c.jsfx-inc.

    If you specify a filename only, e.g. c.jsfx-inc, it first looks in path_of_calling_code/c.jsfx-inc.

    If the above paths are not found, then it does a recursive search of the JSFX Effects directory for the file in question, ignoring any relative path. The recursive search is a bit random in the order, if you have foo/c.jsfx-inc and foo/bar/way/down/deep/c.jsfx-inc, it could return either depending on the filesystem. (IMO this isn't ideal, it would be nicer if it always returned foo/c.jsfx-inc in that case, but alas...)
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Question: why does the midi editor act differently when docked vs undocked? it feels faster when docked. Just really curious.
Asked by 8008135 (187.213.11.x) on April 17 2024, 4:40am
Reply on April 17 2024, 1:27pm:
    Depends on the OS, I guess, but when undocked the updates don't have to get integrated into a more complex window hierarchy which might have more compositing...
Question: Hi Justin. Hope you remember me (Discord Online Jamming Central dude). It's been a while since we've communicated. I'm still alive and well :) - How are you doing today? Just want to say thank you for putting my community on Ninjam. It really has been a help for you to bring in more ninjammers and bringing my love within Reaper as my recommended daw :) - Do you usually jam out? Online? IRL? Would be fun to play some music with you!
Asked by David (68.237.100.x) on April 17 2024, 12:14am
Reply on April 17 2024, 1:27pm:
    I mostly play in person these days yeah :)
Question: Any tips for new runners ? For avoiding injuries and increasing the distance... Started recently, doing 5 ~ 7km, want to try go to 20km this year.
Asked by DdSl (186.210.94.x) on April 15 2024, 11:43pm
Reply on April 16 2024, 1:16pm:
    a few things that I've found to be helpful. Everybody is different, of course, but these are some thoughts:
    • Go slow! speed work is great and useful but 90% of your running should be at a very easy pace. E.g. if I'm doing intervals or something I'd do them once a week at most, and most of the other days would be slow. Slow vs fast is relative -- for me at this point I might do 4 minute intervals at around a 6:00/mile pace as a workout (which is tough!), but most of my running will be around 9:00-11:00/mile (which is very easy). If you have a watch with a HR monitor you can estimate your HR zones which can be helpful in determining the best paces...
    • I wouldn't worry about the miles-in-one-day statistic as much as your how-many-miles-in-the-last-7-days stat. If you keep that number from increasing too quickly, you should be OK. People like to say no more than a 10% increase per week, which seems about right. (though once you get more conditioned you have more flexibility, probably). It's also good to have some easier weeks to let your body recover. People often do 3 weeks of increasing mileage, then a week where you dial it back and let yourself recover.
    • Strength training is very helpful, especially when you find yourself sore in spots. Finding someone to advise you on that is essential (it's easy to do the wrong things).

    I could go on but there are probably better resources on the internet anyway :) Have fun though! I love running. Oh also, trail running is the best. Most of my running on roads is so that I can run trails more when I get the chance lol.
Question: Is making software free to use, without blocking it, a good thing? In my opinion, free software is a bad concept. People don't realize how much work is involved. And it develops an even more ungrateful mentality among users. They only want what's free. Do we eat and dress for free? So why could we use software for free?
Asked by Mickael (91.165.163.x) on April 15 2024, 7:29pm
Reply on April 15 2024, 7:47pm:
    Disagree, it's a false equivalency. Software is not food or clothing.
Question: Have you tried a pastrami sandwich at Katz?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on April 15 2024, 2:06pm
Reply on April 15 2024, 3:33pm (edited at April 15 2024, 3:34pm):
    Yes! Very good. It's been a number of years though. Also: expensive, and huge.
Question: Have you ever thought/tried to port reaper on a bsd system?
Asked by ape din (141.98.141.x) on April 15 2024, 12:47pm
Reply on April 15 2024, 1:35pm:
    never bothered, no. probably works in freebsd's linux emulation?
Question: Are you winamp manager on now ?
Asked by Hossein (2.178.109.x) on April 15 2024, 11:23am
Reply on April 15 2024, 1:35pm:
Question: can an elephant survive in the north pole?
Asked by karl (194.93.46.x) on April 14 2024, 10:11pm
Reply on April 15 2024, 1:35pm:
    Hard to imagine it would be able to without a lot of technology but what do I know?
Question: would you rather have 10 million dollars and be known by 100 million people, or, 20 million dollars and be known by 1 million people
Asked by Query (162.243.229.x) on April 12 2024, 8:59pm
Reply on April 12 2024, 9:37pm:
    I'd take 80 million and be known by 100.
Question: Besides running do you also go to gym, make strength exercises?
Asked by Chupacabara (189.112.150.x) on April 12 2024, 4:37pm
Reply on April 12 2024, 9:38pm:
    I do strength stuff one or two days a week, mostly core and back, with some legs as needed for my various injuries/problem spots.
Question: Hi Justin! I'm a uni student in South Africa who's studying Sound Design. I was wondering how you feel about universities using Reaper as the jumping off point for students to learn how to use DAWs and mix/edit. I've been introduced to all the other big name DAWs but still prefer and cling to Reaper as it's (in my subjective opinion) the most user-friendly and adjustable out there.
Asked by Anika (41.133.101.x) on April 11 2024, 8:22pm
Reply on April 12 2024, 9:38pm (edited at April 12 2024, 9:39pm):
    I value, as an artist and craftsperson, not developing skills too specific to a particular tool.
Question: How does winamp fill the playlist so quickly when folders are dragged onto it? For example, 77k mp3 files can be added in about 2 seconds.
Asked by Jesse (100.8.74.x) on April 11 2024, 4:53pm
Reply on April 11 2024, 5:18pm:
    I imagine that's the amount of time it takes to scan the filesystem... it doesn't query information about the files (e.g. length or metadata), just the file reference (and it populates the other info later).
Question: I am Japanese and do not speak English. My favorite music application provides a very good manual in pdf format, but I always have trouble translating it using translation web services. They seem to create their manuals with libreoffice writer and export them to pdf, so I would be happy if they could also convert them to html and publish them with a command like this. `libreoffice --writer --headless --convert-to pdf html *.odt` How do you think I should propose them to the development team?
Asked by tkna (153.240.222.x) on April 11 2024, 4:37pm
Reply on April 11 2024, 5:17pm:
    Hah let me ask geoff about this!
Question: Is there any way that I can access the source code for WinAmp? I am attempting to convert the credits screen into a playable version of doom for fun.
Asked by JamesTDG (174.174.104.x) on April 11 2024, 9:27am
Reply on April 11 2024, 3:12pm:
    Sounds like a good cause but I don't have it or know who has it other than the new owners
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