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Question: I saw a video of Linus Torvals talking about how the main issue with desktop linux is the difficulty for application develeopers having to support all the different desktops, which seems to be the point of Flatpak. You seem to manage distributing just the one version of Reaper on Linux. Was that a propblem or is it just becasue Reaper doesn't rely on lots of Linux libraries that makes it easier?
Asked by todd_r (86.134.155.x) on September 16 2023, 5:10pm
Reply on September 17 2023, 7:54pm:
    Not exactly sure what's meant by "different desktops." Supporting different desktop environments, there are some quirks but it's pretty standardized. The bigger issues are around certain shared libraries, and we deal with this by dynamic loading when possible, and by using old libraries/toolchains when they can't be dynamically loaded. So we compile with gcc 4.x (so that we can support systems that have old versions of libc++ or whatever it is).
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Question: Hey Justin, hope you're well. How has your commenting style evolved over the years? Personally I like to add a dated comment outlining a system's general structure, and that's about it. Also, have you seen Unity's (game engine) latest misstep? Crazy.
Asked by Jack (91.90.123.x) on September 15 2023, 8:57am
Reply on September 15 2023, 1:09pm:
    the problem, of course, is when the design evolves and the comment doesn't get updated with it... I haven't seen the Unity misstep, lemme google that
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Question: Hi Justin, have you ever thought about creating a mobile sequencer that would be as simple and fast as a reaper?
Asked by Aidy (176.59.211.x) on September 13 2023, 9:43pm
Reply on September 14 2023, 1:35pm:
    For mobile it would have to be a completely different UI in order to make sense, and I don't want to make two things so nah...
Question: Have you tried modeling amps with NAM, or jammed with any community uploads? (Neural Amp Modeler)
Asked by Dom64 (82.132.245.x) on September 13 2023, 4:40pm
Reply on September 14 2023, 1:35pm:
    I haven't really, nope!
Question: It will be 68°F outside today, kind of overcast, forecast of light rain for the afternoon. Shorts or long pants?
Asked by Dr Glendrik (188.241.177.x) on September 13 2023, 6:24am
Reply on September 13 2023, 12:41pm:
    If you're going to be mostly sitting around, pants. If there will be a lot of walking or bicycling or things that generate heat, I'd still go shorts.
Question: Nothing you can think of worth posting in your feed about coding? I always read with interest, last one is from January. :)
Asked by wasereb4 (83.135.15.x) on September 12 2023, 12:18am
Reply on September 13 2023, 12:41pm:
    Hah coding is usually pretty boring these days, let me think about that.
Question: hey jf- do you have powers to *unban the banned* on reaper forum? (asking for a very confused friend!)
Asked by 2023 (5.81.138.x) on September 7 2023, 11:31am
Reply on September 7 2023, 2:15pm:
    Banned by IP or banned by username?
Question: By your experience, how often did you have to reinstall Linux from scratch, because of unexpected issues (corrupted system, slowdowns etc.)? Does Linux installation have "lifespan", like Windows, for example??? I mean, do things happen or change without any obvious reason on Linux, causing issues?
Asked by zabukowski (95.176.130.x) on September 6 2023, 11:14am
Reply on September 7 2023, 2:16pm:
    Not often, sometimes if you let a distro get very behind you run into problems upgrading to newer releases, but rarely is it something that is not recoverable.
Question: Was nullsoft ever hacked back in the day when you guys managed your own infra, or was fdc just that good?
Asked by Will (23.125.224.x) on September 5 2023, 2:43pm
Reply on September 5 2023, 3:53pm:
    Not that I know of!
Question: Do you think of REAPER as the punk DAW? In comparison with the other companies? Maybe the hacker of DAWs?
Asked by EternoReterno (187.201.243.x) on September 5 2023, 3:41am
Reply on September 5 2023, 3:53pm:
    haha maybe there's a little bit of that vibe...
Question: would be great if we can integrate ChatGPT into REAPER. hahaha
Asked by ArthenLin (212.107.30.x) on September 4 2023, 5:43pm
Reply on September 4 2023, 10:36pm:
    Would it? I'm not so sure...
Question: Do you keep painting/drawing?
Asked by heya (179.104.134.x) on September 4 2023, 6:11am
Reply on September 4 2023, 10:36pm:
    I keep meaning to but my time gets sucked up by other things! I must return!
Question: If you want to cry, watch & listen to this youtube.com/watch?v=VKTF1ggnfjU
Asked by :'-( (27.58.70.x) on September 2 2023, 7:34am
Reply on September 4 2023, 10:37pm:
    Hmm I'll save it for when I'm ready for a cry
Question: Have you ever read a book by the Italian writers collective Wu Ming FKA Luther Blisset? They're great!
Asked by SpoiledHobo (77.15.2.x) on August 31 2023, 7:52pm
Reply on September 1 2023, 9:08pm:
    nope, what should I check out?
Question: How likely would it be to see something like Licecap integration in Reaper? Or Audio capture from Reaper in Licecap? Would be so useful =)
Asked by Dom64 (82.132.234.x) on August 31 2023, 7:11pm
Reply on September 1 2023, 9:08pm:
    we thoughts about that some but meh
Question: Out of curiosity: as far as I know, the gfx-functions are software rendered. How feasible would it be to make them hardware rendered? Especially when drawing a lot, hardware acceleration would be nice to have.
Asked by Mespotine (46.114.201.x) on August 30 2023, 5:57pm
Reply on August 30 2023, 9:43pm:
    Meh should be fast enough for plenty of things imo. and some things just don't work well on GPUs without a massive headache, e.g. drawing text.
Question: Looking at things like Line 6, Kemper, etc., do you think you've been just that bit too early with the CrusFX?
Asked by StringPling (77.15.58.x) on August 29 2023, 10:50am
Reply on August 30 2023, 1:54pm:
    maybe a bit too silly and too hackery too
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Question: Will there be new "This is REAPER 7" tutorial series?
Asked by Ummm (122.177.156.x) on August 27 2023, 2:30pm
Reply on August 27 2023, 4:01pm:
    That is very likely
Question: Is the bottom navigation on 1014 considered legacy or a variation of whac-a-mole? ;) (I'm too slow)
Asked by SpoiledHobo (77.179.16.x) on August 26 2023, 11:33am
Reply on August 26 2023, 12:41pm:
    both lol
Question: The internet today feels very different from 2009. What do you miss from that time if anything? This place feels like a protected endangered species of cool internet stuff. Maybe I need to get out of the loop more often, how do you do it?
Asked by Beto (187.189.101.x) on August 26 2023, 5:37am
Reply on August 26 2023, 12:43pm:
    I forget what 2009 was like in general but there's a lot of content now that's not terribly web-accessible and thus ephemeral, and requires you to buy into the system to view (IG, TikTok, etc)... Which is sad, all of this culture probably won't be preserved.
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